Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Beautiful Words

Among the different community projects I operate with friends we send SMILING CARDS to families with a child sick in hospital. People sign messages of hope and love on the back. Yesterday we were given a batch of cards which had been signed by homeless rough-sleepers. YES, during this terrible time there are still many for whom home is a sleeping bag on the streets.

Allow me to share some of the messages.

Hello all you wonderful kids. You have made us all so proud. You are so special. If people were half what you are the world would be a better place. Be strong. Remember how much you are loved.


To the brightest star in the sky. Get well soon.


Hello all you wonderful kids, you have made us all so proud. Remember how special you all are and we love you.


To all amazing kids, you can achieve everything you want in life. You just have to stay strong and believe.


To an amazing person.  Stay strong and SMILE.  All the love and hugs in the world.

I was choked when I first read the cards and I am choked now as I type up their words.


In January 2020 we sent some cards to the mayor of milton keynes - I will not dignify him by using upper case letters here.  We asked him to sign cards and send love to children and their families. We gave him a stamped addressed envelope to send them back. He failed to show love.  FOUR times we reminded his office and FOUR times he failed to show love. Obviously far too an important person to show love !

At the same time we sent cards to the mayor of newport pagnell. A similar level of heartlessness shown by this failing representative of his community. Very good at playing the gallery but little more.

THANK YOU to the wonderful people who have next to nothing in their lives but who have sent here their genuine love. To our failing civic leaders, just go away and wallow in your own empty self-importance. Compared to those who have invested love in these cards you are complete wastes of space !

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