Saturday, 4 April 2020

Another Day

Yesterday I was moaning that the Royal Family appeared en mass to have abdicated !  Now I see that the Queen is to speak to the nation tomorrow. That is good but I still maintain every day one member of the family should be speaking to the nation.

I went out yesterday to buy shopping and would like to praise the kindness and hard work of everyone in Morrissons. I was not impressed by the stacked trolleys some had !  The woman in front of me had over one hundred pounds of multi-buys !  Let's ruffle a few feathers shall we !  It was women in their mid to late thirties who were panic buying.

After shopping I drove to take food to a vulnerable person. I was not impressed by the number of cars on the road. True it was quiet compared to the norm but please do not tell me all by any means of the cars on the road were on essential journeys. There were two incidents I witnessed of dangerous driving. Those involved thought the lower traffic meant roads were turned into race tracks.

Taking Doggie Jake for a walk this morning there was further evidence of anti-social behavior. More beer cans, there were broken beer bottles and a discarded cardboard beer case. Who are these people out drinking on the streets ?

I ripped up the original text for my new story THE LONELY GHOST and started again yesterday.  460 words into the new introduction and I am very happy with what I have written.  I am also working to launch a community writing project DOWN AND OUT IN MILTON DREAMS in ten days time. I sold 91 of my books on Amazon yesterday, well pleased !  I did a bit of calculating to see what I would need to achieve if I am to make it into the top one hundred UK authors. AH !   In a month I need to sell one million books to kindle members and ten thousand to non members. Does not make my 91 sales look that good does it !

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