Tuesday, 28 April 2020

And The Birds Sing

TUESDAY 28th APRIL 2020:
This morning I awoke to the beautiful dawn chorus. 

During this period of lock down we have had some lovely sunny days.  Sitting in the garden every day I have quite a suntan. I have so much enjoyed watching my feathered friends eat from the various bird tables dotted round the garden. We have robins, blackbirds, sparrows and pigeons nesting in the trees.

Today it is raining !  The weather forecast says we can expect rain for the rest of the week. No more sitting out in the sunshine ! But even though it is raining the birds still sang at dawn and as I write I am now watching a blackbird and a sparrow eat from one of the tables.

Did you watch Boris Johnson speak outside Downing Street yesterday ?  I always watch the afternoon Downing Street briefings, yesterday there was something new - questions from the public. The question that was featured came from a lovely lady, her question was special although it must have been hard for the Downing Street team to answer. She asked: When can I hug my grandchildren again ?

If you have chanced by accident upon this page let me explain I am writing a daily blog recording what life is like for me during lock down. I did not actually start on Day One but when I have written one hundred pages I propose to publish in on my Amazon Library Shelf as ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON - THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS. 

As I type now I am listening to  a beautiful piece of music - AND THE BIRDS WERE SINGING.  I will not be able to include it in the Amazon edition but let me play it here.

I would like to play it and dedicate it to some wonderful people who metaphorically sang and gave me hugs yesterday.  

Thank You Paul Foster for your love and kindness every day liking the posts I make on facebook. If ever you gave up using social media facebook would go bust.  

Thank You Andy Ward for your post about blood donation.  My next session is in two weeks time. The donor projects I was setting up: Cops For Blood and TeenHeroMK have been forced to the back burner but they will come back once lock down ends. Thank You for donating blood yesterday and for encouraging others to do so.

Thank You Graham for our socially distanced chat over our front gardens yesterday. As music lovers we both look forward to the return of the disco.

Tanya, Thank You for your comment on facebook but more than that THANK YOU for being a part of our Amazing NHS. Thank you.  As you know I have been shouting my mouth off for more than thirty-five years about our incredible NHS.

Thank you Maggie, also a loving member of our NHS. Thank you for signing cards of love for children in hospital and for all the acts of kindness you do every day.

Lena, you inspire me - you and your hubby Josh inspire me.  Yesterday you reminded me that a year ago you were in intensive care, not expected to survive but survive you did thanks to the incredible work of our NHS.

Thank you Julie for your kind words.  If kettles have souls and could speak there is one that would say how much it is looking forward to seeing you again.

Laxman I saw the Dreamsai post yesterday. What an amazing job the Dreamsai Family is doing in this difficult time. What an amazing man you are Thank You,

Sheri, great to speak on the phone yesterday.  I know I talk too much !  That is because I am always so excited about people.

Darren, I so much enjoyed our on-line chat yesterday and the fun we had playing music for each other. You are an amazing friend and your kindness is so wonderful.

THANK YOU ALL - you wonderful special friends.

Tuesday 19th May will mark the third anniversary of my darling daughter Rebekah's death.  I am busy writing her biography and within it trying to show the way love from our NHS transplanted her famous smile to her face.  Yesterday I was writing about her brief riding lessons at Interaction in Peartree Bridge. She was such a small child the only horse she could ride was a miniature pony called Tuppence - we always called her Tuppence A Bag.

For all readers and all those who fed my birds yesterday, the tuppence of love you showed me is worth a million pounds.

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