Thursday, 16 April 2020

Aliens ?


Yesterday I received so many phone calls, e-mails and messages from my beautiful friends, messages of love and support. I do have some special friends. 

One friend said he was wondering if we were under attack from aliens. I do no know just how tight his tongue was pressed into his cheek. 

Think of it this way - you are an ant living in a colony of ants with your family.  A human being sprays ant killer all over where you live. What would be your experience ?

Do you know the story of The War Of The Worlds by H G Wells ?  Of course you do and I am sure you know the music version by Jeff Wayne - incredible but I do not think we are really experiencing an alien attack.

I am coming towards the end of my latest Book - The Lonely Ghost - I will most certainly have it finished and published on Amazon by the end of the month. I was planning then to pick up on a story I began writing but left off four years ago - The Fires Of Hell. This is a satanic horror story, my favourite genre of reading when I was much younger. I have never written a horror story before, perhaps I will finish this story or perhaps I won't. That telephone call from my friend yesterday has given me an idea to try something from science fiction.

Many of my stories have time travel within them, The Lonely Ghost is a time travel story. I am toying with the idea to write an alien science fiction story with time travel in it. The Lonely Ghost is a story written for children, it is the first time I have written for children since the early 1990's.  I once wrote a book for one of my English classes when I was at Leon School, it was called Garatt's Gang, I wish I still had the manuscript the story was brilliant.

When I was teaching at Leon classes read a book The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall, the kids loved it. So much so copies were always being nicked ! I am wondering about using the characters from Garatt's Gang to write a science fiction book with aliens, to aim it at a teenage audience of say 14 year olds. Perhaps I will.

Thank you m8 for giving me the idea. Thanks for your telephone call. Thanks you all my friends who called, texted me, e-mailed me or hit me up on Facebook.  Bless you all. Stay safe.

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