Thursday, 9 April 2020

A Visit To the Supermarket

FRIDAY 9th APRIL 2020:
This is the day I planned to do our weekly shop. I arrived at our local branch of Morrissons a little before 10am. Bit of a queue to get in but nothing dramatic. A contract security guard was managing the queue, she was smiling, engaging with the customers helping them to relax. As I entered the store there was the regular security guard was counting numbers in, he too was smiling and welcoming customers. Over my multiple visits to the supermarket I must have seen him a thousand times or more but this was a different man, smiling and welcoming the shoppers. Lovely man.

Inside the store was busy. I spent £34, I hope you do not consider that to be panic buying. Yes I did but some toilet rolls. Most of my fellow shoppers were OK but the idiots were significant. 


Then you have those who should be forced to take a driving test before being allowed to push a trolley through a supermarket. As a local Councillor I serve on the parking sub-committee, perhaps we should expand our ainti-social parking activities to include those who block the shelves with their damn trolley taking an hour and a half to decide what flavour crisps they want to buy.  Never mind social distancing these old biddies were into anti-social trolley parking.

Shelves were fairly well stocked. Normally I get frustrated when I can not find what I want to buy, today my attitude was OH DEAR - WHAT A SHAME - NEVER MIND !

Staff in the store were doing an amazing job lining everyone up, maintaining social distancing and directing customers to the next free till. When my turn came I misunderstood so joined the back of the queue for a SECOND TIME.  Doh ! Was I thick or what ?

Eventually being directed to a checkout the old biddy at the front was taking items out of her trolley one at a time, putting it on the belt then waiting for the operator to scan it before taking the next item.  What is it ?  That James Bond theme ?  We have all the time in the world ?

That old biddy doddering off to the car park the woman in front of me unloaded her piled trolley. She did not have enough credit on her card to pay for it all. OWCH ! She had cash but obviously this stressed the operator.

When it came to my turn the lady on the till said: I hate handling cash. She was clearly stressed. I chatted to her as she processed my shopping, thanked her for coming into work and tried to brighten her day.

Including the double queue which was my fault it took me two hours to do my shopping. Fortunately I went when I did to the supermarket. Do you know Morrissons in Westcroft Milton Keynes ? As I left the queue to get in started outside Gregg's, lined up right across the front of the store, then along the side to the warehouse at the back, up again to the front of the store, along the front and into the entrance. God alone knows how long it would have taken to move along that line !

THANK YOU Morrissons for all your hard work. I will see you again next week but not before.

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