Monday, 6 April 2020

A dream in a world of (in)sanity

I had a very vivid dream last night. My friend Ian, the headmaster of Oakgrove School, was a bit short of teachers so asked me if I would come in and take an English class for him. I remember the dream very clearly, it was a year ten English class.

As I write this blog now I can see the faces of the kids.  When I was in teaching I always called my students the kids. Headmaster Ian tends to use the same word.

The class was a bit rowdy and took a moment for me to calm things down. There was one lad, a spikey faces teenager - his chin ended in a spike and his nose was a spike. Once I had him sitting down and listening the rest of the class followed.

"I want you,"  I said, "to write down five words that describe you as you think others see you."

The dream was very short, it went no further than that, but it was so clear and vivid. I think I know why my  mind decided it would have a dream last night. Towards end of the day I scribbled some more words for the book I am now working on THE LONELY GHOST. All being well I will write a few hundred more words today. The story is a dream and it is also a time travel adventure. Right now the story is 1,893 words long.

When I have finished this story I am going to pick up something I wrote, or at least started to write, four years ago THE FIRES OF HELL.  As a teenager I was a great fan of Dennis Wheatey who wrote satanic horror stories. One of his books is THE KA OF GIFFARD HILARY.  Ka, where have you heard that word before ?  Ford Ka. Those who are lacking in general knowledge think Ford Motors misspelt the word car - ka. NO. Ka means spirit. Some say, Dennis Wheatley said so in his novel, when you sleep your ka may leave your body and drift around on the astral plane. When it does that is a dream.  It is said that when you die your ka leaves your body permanently to live on the astral plane.

I am a believer in time travel, many of my stories play around in a multiverse.  It's logical that there are parallel universes, an infinite number. Surely there must be a way to move between them. The way to move between them is Destiny. Well that's what I think.

This crazy situation through which the whole world is living, is that a dream ?  Have we slipped into a parallel universe ? I hope so. Please can we all get back,

Back to that dream of mine last night. I want YOU - yes YOU reading this page, I want you to write down FIVE words which could describe you the way others see you. Others in this particular universe. I hope I will tonight dream my way back into the classroom, I want to know what the kids in my class wrote. I particularly want to know what that spikey faced kid had to say..

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