Sunday, 29 March 2020

Stay Safe - Stay Sane

MONDAY 30th MARCH 2020
I have been looking at the various news websites trying to find the death toll for yesterday but have been unable to locate anything.  I have decided to stop looking !  Every figure is a real person, every figure has a grieving family, every figure will not be afforded the dignity of a proper funeral.

Speaking with my Dad on the phone yesterday he asked me if I knew anyone with the virus, I do not. For how long will that situation remain the same ?

The government is talking about some form of lock down continuing until October !

Each morning Maureen and I have been taking Little Doggie Jake out for an early walk. Yesterday we did not see another person, we did not see a single car moving on the road. Beyond that we have all been staying indoors.

YES, I do feel safe and now and I do not want to go outside. I do not want to go to the shops. I do not want to see anyone. I am adapting to this new way of life. Staying safe, I believe, is sorted. However, staying sane is possibly different.

I have been trying to post a few things on Facebook to help people smile and to help their sanity be firmly on the right side of normal. We had a good bit of fun yesterday as people responded to my posting pictures from when I was a small boy, inviting them to post images of their childhood. That was fun.  Today I am going to publish the first ever picture taken of me, I am about a week old and being held by my grandmother.

Were Nan still alive she would be 130 years old. Yesterday a man by the name of Tom celebrated his 112th birthday. Before the studio shut down the last show I broadcast was two hours of music to celebrate Vera Lynn's 103rd birthday.

Yesterday I wrote more and more for my latest book THE LOTTERY OF EVIL. I have another 500 or so words to type up today.  I really want to finish the story today. Then comes the boring bit !  Checking the draft, trying to eliminate the typo's and doing a bit of a rewrite.

Yesterday I sold 11 of my books on Amazon. I wonder what today will bring. As well as writing to preserve my own sanity in these strange times I want to encourage others to keep their own diaries, to write stories and occupy themselves. Writing this daily blog, yes it is for my own sanity but I am hoping others will pick up on the idea to write themselves. I am not getting the biggest readership !

FRIDAY 27th March – 9 readers
SATURDAY 28th March - 7 readers
SUNDAY 29th March - 8 readers

Hardly a best seller.

I want today, as well as finishing my current book to publish a new website. The Geriatric DJ site is till there but with all of The Sunshine Smile Crew projects on hold and my no longer playing music on the radio it really is not doing anything ! I am working on a new website Max Robinson Writer. If it sells some of my books then great but what would be very, very special is if my writing inspires others to write.

Yesterday my granddaughters telephoned me. I have decided when this current book is published I am going to work on a book written for them.  I am going to pick up on the idea to write THE LONELY GHOST and to build Katherine and Frances into the story.  I will e-mail them pictures, ask them to illustrate my words, e-mail the pictures to me and then together write the book.

The community writing project DOWN AND OUT IN MILTON DREAMS is on hold but I have ideas to bring it back and make it something positive in the crisis.  Let me think about that today then I will share it tomorrow.



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