Wednesday, 11 March 2020

So much is happening !

Some major things have been happening !  I started writing this blog yesterday afternoon intending to finish it at stupid o'clock before I begin broadcasting today's radio show.

Every time you look at the news Corona Virus dominates. It is almost certain that Britain will enter a form of lock down in the not too far distant future. It may be simple or it may be as dramatic as is happening in Italy. I understand the government will make an announcement later today.

I find myself wondering what will be the contingency anyone puts in place for our homeless and rough-sleeping friends.

Keep that in mind while I share the news of yesterday's book sales. e-books 0 reads from Kindle members 108. We do not get fantastic royalties from member reads but we do make some money - have always said that it is better to have 100 people give you £1 each than one person give you £100.  All of this money will be used to help fund our activities within the Dreamsai Lunch Of Love each Saturday. Amazon pays out a month in hand so the February sales will help in April and the March sales will help in May.

Have you spent 99p on a book ?  CLICK HERE and give your support now.

Already I have one person writing thousands of words.

As part of the writing project we have set up a survey. Will you take part and give us your experiences and thoughts ? Please take the SURVEY

It is obvious that this project is going to be big, it could make
a lot of money to help those down on their luck. However, I am still working to finish my book THE FANTASIES OF A GERIATRIC DJ. It is tempting to set this aside again but NO. My plan is to finish it and to publish it by the end of the coming week - Sunday 22nd March. It is an OK story but not my best writing by a long way. Let's just get it done and then concentrate on MILTON AND DREAMS.

Sales from the books - have you spent 99p yet - are my way of deepening my pocket to fund what we are doing.
Very early days yet but we are on track to start making good money ! However, the good money is not going to start flowing for a while. In the mean time we have our weekly
Dreamsai activities to fund, within the plan we need to put money into the pockets of those who are writing their stories for DOWN AND OUT IN MILTON AND DREAMS. Importantly we are going to need to support our rough-sleeping friends during any restriction of activity during the Corona Virus. FOOD - not just on Saturday but as much as we can through the week. We need to give SMART Hub in Bletchley all the help we can muster. As of the time, 4.24am Thursday 12th \March 2020 we do not have the resources.

Friends have been saying for a while that we should set up a Go Fund Me page. This I have now done.

We need people to spread the word and get as many as possible to look at the page.  HERE IT IS - CLICK HERE.  It is set up in my name so the money will come direct to me. It takes four working days for donations to reach me. With the
book sales I will just put the money into my pockets to deepen them and make activity within our projects more easy to achieve. With GO FUN ME once I have the money it will be spent on something specific and the donor advised where their money went.

Some money will be spent on items within the Saturday Dreamsai lunch of love. Some will go into the pockets of those who contribute to the writing project. Some will be used to provide food, help and support for homeless rough-sleepers during the Corona Virus situation.  EVERY PENNY WILL BE SPENT SPECIFICALLY AND WHERE IT IS SPENT WILL BE ADVISED TO THE DONOR.


We need to get the link for Go Fund me Out. Please will you
share this on social media. HERE'S THE LINK AGAIN.

We need to get people to take our survey - this will be the first of several. HERE'S THAT LINK.

Having got things started selling the books and the potential to make some BIG money looking possible we must, must, must drive tens of thousands of people to that link. THIS LINK !



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