Thursday, 5 March 2020

One million ? JFDI !

Week after next Maureen is away so I am left to my own devices and need to find ways to fill my week !

I am planning to read a document I have downloaded from Amazon Publishing.  Let me share some words from the introduction........

Whether your goal is to sell a million copies or just to get your words to connect with the right people who will appreciate your work, you need to plan............

...............Marketing your ebook online can be a tough sell. The reality is that
most self-published ebooks are lucky to hit 100 sales (sorry for that splash of cold water). But if you’re willing to do the work, there’s plenty of potential for success. You really do have the world at your fingertips - go ahead and make the most of it.

If I follow the advice and make things work WE can sell ONE MILLION COPIES of an e-book !

More than two years ago I started work on THE FANTASIES OF A GERIATRIC DJ. It has been set aside for a year but now I am working on it again. I was planning to publish it by Easter but I am going to easily have it all done and dusted by the end of the month.  I am not convinced it is one of my better works but let's see.

Still in the very early stages is the next book I plan to work on THE LOTTERY OF EVIL. Now this I think will be a powerful story.

I am not sure when this will hit Amazon. Originally I thought it may take me a year but now I am thinking perhaps August.

Both I would like to price at 99p with royalties at 75%. So if a book sold one million copies we would have £740,000 to spend.

Yesterday we did not have any e-book sales, the day before we had two. It will not take a lot of brain effort to decide how the £10 we have made since we started marketing the books
is to be spent. Almost three quarters of a million pounds, however, may take a bit more thinking through !

Perhaps a little debate may help me through the Amazon document and encourage YOU to keep kicking my backside to make it work.

Let's take TEN rough-sleeping friends we have come to know through Dreamsai and put them into long-term rented accommodation. Let's furnish that accommodation and fund all of the services - electricity, gas, water, council tax tv licence and so on.  That is likely to come to around £30,000 per person for 2 years - two years until we have our next one million selling book. TOTAL: £300,000.

Some will have a drug or alcohol addiction. To put someone through rehab costs £7k, while all ten will not need this help let's budget £70,000. So we have spent £370,000.

Let's appoint two full-time support workers for our friends and pay them £35k a year for salary and expences. £140,000 for two years. We are now up to spending £510,000. Plenty of money left.

Let's set up a business to employ our 10 friends and give them a wage. Let's assume the business loses money - every week. £220k across the two years. That means we
spend in two years £730,000 leaving £10,000 spare.

As well as  being The King Of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was a philosopher. He said that an AMBITION is just a DREAM fitted with a V8 engine. The Geriatric DJ has added to that REALITY is just an AMBITION fitted with a turbocharger.


Elvis Presley has a major part in my book. One line he says in the book is: 

"I am nothing special, my legs end up in an arse just the same as yours do. Anything I can do you can do."

Do you recognise this man ?

He is the founder and chairman of Iceland Supermarkets. His life motto is - EXCUSE ME I AM GOING TO SWEAR NOW - Just Fucking Do It !  JFDI.

Dream - Ambition - Reality ?  J F D I !

Let's give Elvis the last word with a scene from The fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ.......

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