Sunday, 22 March 2020

My Music = Your Music = Our Music

The Silly Old aka The Geriatric DJ will be hitting the world with an adapted style of radio show while we navigate our way through this global emergency.

Monday to Friday 6am to 8am on the fabulous INTERNATIONAL INTERNET MUSIC STATION CRMK I will be playing music right round the world to help people smile then for them to help others smile. Each morning I will get the podcast on-line as quickly as possible then invite you to share the music. 

Take my music, make it your music then share it and make it OUR music. Use our music to help others have something positive in their lives at this difficult times.

I am not sure what I am going to do on Friday but have written playlists for Monday to Thursday.

My latest e-book is going through the publication process with Amazon. It tells a semi-fictional story from the Rock and Roll years to modern day. The story is full of music, obviously. ON MONDAY I will tell the outline story as I play the music for all enjoy.

Last week was the Forces Sweetheart Vera Lynn's 103rd
birthday. She was a source of inspiration in Britain in the dark days of World War Two. ON TUESDAY I will be playing two hours of Vera's music to wish her a Happy Birthday and to take inspiration from her life and music to apply it into today's situation.

WEDNESDAY I am going play two hours of Chill Out Music
calling it THANK YOU MUSIC for all who are working flat out to keep our country operational.Our NHS, police, emergency services, supermarkets, and everyone who doing their bit help others.

That brings us to THURSDAY.  That will be two hours of music to SPARK A SMILE and make people happy.

I am still thinking about Friday and will let you know what's what in a bit but right please TAKE MY MUSIC and make it YOUR MUSIC then share the podcast to make it OUR MUSIC.

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