Thursday, 12 March 2020

Down And Out - Let's Get Started

You may remember a blog from a few weeks back TRILOGY OF TRAGEDY.  I am taking two of the stories to put into this new book:


I have one person writing his story and tomorrow at Dreamsai the plan is to speak with Richard who will co-edit the book with me.

We want to pay people for their writing, £10 an hour. We need, therefore to generate the income.

Will you make a small donation via our Go Fund Me Page ?

Or buy a 99p e-book from our Library ?

The book is seeking to engage people, giving them something positive to do and putting some money into their pockets. The book also seeks to raise public awareness of a wide variety of situations. Being down and out does not just mean being homeless and rough-sleeping.

How do people feel when they are forced to rely on The Food Bank ?

Pay-as-you-go electricity is a rip off. It make a householder vulnerable.

Depression, mental health issues, suicide - DOES ANYONE CARE ?

Of all the failing systems within government the justice system is the biggest folly.

We are looking for people who suffer in silence because society has no interest in them. People need a Phd in Red Tape to negotiate benefit systems or to find work. Help is NOT there.

Do you have a story to tell ?

Within different areas we want to run survey's to understand the general public's knowledge, understanding and attitude to each circumstance. Our first survey is looking at Homeless Rough-sleepers. Please CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Please get involved. Help fund the project. Write something to be included. Take the survey.

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