Saturday, 8 February 2020

Life Is A Typo - I made thousands of them !


Having finished my book The Fantasies Of A Silly Old Man I am now busy proof reading the text ahead of rewriting certain bits and pieces ahead of publication.
I have had a number of people say they enjoyed reading the draft chapters I posted here on this bog but I am so embarrassed that they have read it with so many, many typo's !  I am averaging around one
every other paragraph !

I am still hoping to publish the e-book on Friday 15th February but this may have to be put back a bit. As well as the typo's I will, of course, need to rewrite a few passages. Let me say that both the e-book and paperback will be available by 24th February. That's an important date which I will explain later.

I don't think the cover is going to work. No an artist I am not but it appears to me that the contrast is not
great enough and the image I have is not of high enough definition.   Perhaps something using this image may work.

I am wondering if this on the right could form the title page.     

This book has to be a best seller. No question about that.

Here I am writing at 4.35am on Sunday 9th February 2020. My royalties from Amazon Publishing for the month so far stand at £1.05 after tax. Oh yes, Amazon deducts tax at source !

I need The Fantasies Of A Silly Old Man to make £1,000 a month.     

My February royalties to date come from selling this book in America.

There are Amazon millionaires you know. As well as royalties there is a mega prize fund for the top selling authors.

I need a slice of that money to fund the activities of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW. Everything we do is paid for out of my own pockets. Our three years of operation not a single penny has been taken from the good causes we support.

Allow me to set modesty aside. The only difference between my books and those in Amazon's best seller list is they are promoted while mine are not. To make The Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man I need someone to work with me and market it. I need someone who
understands how Amazon's internet market system works - easy to learn I guess, someone who can use social media and bring in that £1,000 a month. 

I have been trying in vain to find that person. I have been down the road of trying to find someone from a marketing background and failed.  I considered seeking out a uni student burdened with debt but not have done anything about it. I am
wondering if any of the good causes w work with may be able to supply the right person.

When the right person is in place he/she will get 50% of the monthly sales either for their own pocket or for the good cause they represent. The other 50% will go THE SUNSHINE SMILE PROJECTS.  This is NOT pie in the sky, within Amazon this is a perfectly achievable sum of money.

The book has to be published and available for purchase by 24th February - that date is set in stone - as that is the day before we launch our project ROCKING FOR THE FOOD BANK. Within this I will be asking people to sponsor me to finish my book The Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ by donating tins and packets to The food Bank.

Once finished I am going to need a marketing manager for that book.
I have not written a book for children for some time although that was how I started my published writing career. I would like to have a go at this book within the Rocking For The Food Bank project. We will see what happens but Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ is a must and it is a must to find a marketing manager for this.

I think it will take me at least a year to write The Lottery Of Evil. It is essential this become a mega best seller. I want it to achieve one thing within my campaign around drug addiction. I want it to help raise public awareness and to firmly state that a drug addict is not a bad person but a victim deserving society's help and support.

To help me write this book I want to have a small group of people who will review the draft text as I write, not to pick out the typo's but to comment on what I am saying and advise if I am getting the message over.

So will you help this Silly Old Man become an Amazon Best Seller ? Would you like to help me market my writing ?  I'll give you half of the fortune we make.  Honestly, if I can find the right person for each book THIS will happen.

To conclude this blog CLICK HERE and have a look at the titles I have currently published. Check out the bookshelf, you may even like to help me increase this month's royalties. Every single sale will help the good causes we work with.

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