Monday, 10 February 2020

Help The Homeless With My Books

I have finished proof reading my new book - OMG how many typo's - oopppsss - oh dear - what a shame - never mind.

I am going to try to publish it as an e-book by Monday 17th February then to have it available on Amazon by Friday 21st February. Royalties from the book will be used within THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW to help people smile and be happy.

I have been banging on about finding people to help market my books to make money we can use in our projects.  I am not giving up on this but right now I
am going to do something myself. Allow me to take you through some of my books, every penny you spend will direct my royalties 100% to helping our homeless rough-sleeping friends.

CLICK HERE and buy the e-book of The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating.  It will cost you 99p. The royalties will be about 40p which will be spent within Dreamsai to fund all we do at Saturday's Lunch of Love. I wrote this book 25 years ago. It could be read by a child aged 11 to around 14 years but really it is an adult's view of a child's life. It is fiction but ever adventure is based on something I did as a child. CLICK HERE and spend 99p.

Here's something a bit more expensive - this will cost you £1.99 !  CLICK HERE and be generous. Royalties will be about £1 which will pay for a packed tea of sandwiches, cake, sweets and a biscuit to give to one of our rough-sleeping friends. This is my schoolboy autobiography. LEONITES have a read and find out what a horrible little boy your former head of year was when he was at school ! CLICK HERE and read, even if you think the 100% factual autobiography is rubbish you will send a packed tea of love to one of my rough-sleeping friends.

And here is my teenage autobiography - cost you another £1.99 - again this will pay for a packet of sandwiches and more for one of my friends.  Be generous and CLICK HERE.

Amazon will pay out on Monday 2nd March, the money will be used within Dreamsai on Saturday 7th March and hopefully if I can sell enough books there will, be money for every Saturday during the month. EVERY PENNY will
help a real person - NOTHING will be spent in an y other way.

This is my top-selling book so far this month. It will cost you £1.99 for an e-book. From this the royalties are £1.05. CLICK HERE and be generous.

As a student teacher I lived in Bletchley Park and have used my knowledge of the park to inspire the story.  I am not an artist but I love the work of L S Lowery so he is a character in my story. Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill also cross the path of my central character.  CLICK HERE and be generous.

By far this in my opinion is the best book I have ever written.  My grandmother is the central character but beyond that her life in the book and the lives of all other characters are fiction. The book takes the reader through the times in which my grandmother lived. She was eleven year old when the story begins on the day the nation learned of the death of Queen Victoria, it is then a love story covering eight decades. Cost you £1.49 to buy an e-book. CLICK HERE  The royalties will come to about 75p which will buy four packets of cup-a-

One last book then I'll publish the blog. Peter's Magic Fountain Pen was the very first book I had published. I wrote it for my son Peter's 12th birthday, he  is  now 39 !

Peter inherits a pen from his great grandfather. Every time he write is is transported back in time to where he is writing. Peter Morgan finds he is descended from Pirate Henry Morgan. This will cost you 99p giving about 40p to our Lunch Of Love - CLICK HERE that will buy a prize in our FREE Tombola of Love at Dreamsai. THANK YOU - CLICK HERE

Right time to click the mouse and publish the blog. Click your mouse and help my friends.

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