Saturday, 11 January 2020


It has taken just over three years but our blog has at last passed the 100K readers mark.

Now we need 100,037 SMILES OF LOVE to celebrate.

Ben is going to take over writing today's blog.  Here is Ben at today's Dreamai Lunch of Love.

Hello everybody, I am Ben. I was once a lost,
homeless and unwanted teddy bear. Nobody loved me. Then Josh found me thrown out on top of a sack of rubbish for the bin men.  He picked me up and gave me to David, now I am the mascot of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW. I even have a couple of videos on YouTube.

Here I am at The Dreamsai LUNCH OF LOVE -

We have given away all of our prizes in the Tombola of Love. David gave the sweets and biscuits to some guests at the end of today's lunch. For next Saturday we need about 30 little bits and pieces - Mars Bars, packets of biscuits, Curly Wurly.  PLEASE NEXT TIME YOU GO TO THE SUPERMARKET WOULD YOU GRAB A FEW.

Now here I am again on YouTube dancing The Lambeth Walk on The Lambeth Walk.

For next week's Lunch of Love we need ENERGY
DRINKS, CLOTHES, all kinds of things to put in our FREEBIE BOG.  CLICK HERE and check out the list on our website.

When David plays his silly Rocking For The Foodbank thingy on the radio I am always right by his side.

Now here's something I almost forgot. We need SIMPLE phones, NOT smart phones, unlocked into which we can put SIM cards then hand them to vulnerable people. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT so please can you help.

Hey look I have this on YouTube as well.

We always put out our SMILE CARD at the Dreamsai Lunch Of Love and they are at The Food Bank distribution point for people to pick up.

A guest at today's Lunch of Love said how he takes cards and puts them into 'bus shelters for people to pick up.  CLICK HERE and see how YOU can send cards to families with a child sick in hospital. We will soon be sending our Smile Cards to families with a child sick in hospital in EIGHT different countries of the world.

David is NOT a singer, he is a RADIO DJ, but here he is TRYING to sing.

HOSPITALS - we want to get our Smile Card into as
many hospitals as we can.  CLICK HERE to find out about that project.

You haven't forgotten the things we need for Dreamsai next week have you ? PHONES - CLOTHES - TOMBOLA ITEMS - STUFF FOR THE FREEBIE BOX. Thank you.

Now David put this on YouTube a while back. What he says is very true.

And with that this is Ben signing off for this blog. I'll be back.

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