Sunday, 5 January 2020

So How Is Your Week-end Going ?

So how is your week-end going ?  Are you having a good time ?  For me, as always, life is crazy but can I share a bit of my craziness, tell you what is happening in THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW and see if I can get you to grab hold of a thing or two.

Before then let's start with our Sunday Morning Theme:

Frantically trying to rewrite the website for 2020
Vision - remember the only subject I failed at school was art, I am 100% self taught in web design and I write websites using technology from 2005 - I have added a gallery for Stewart King Of The Smiles daily post.

I went to an Andre Reiu concert last night, I'll talk more of that later on, when this was performed.

I spent Saturday morning working on the website - CHECK OUT THE UPDATES. All being well I'll have
everything finished by this time next week.

Friday was my 250th show on Radio CRMK, I am a bit disjointed  it did not attract much attention. Bring on Show 500 towards the end of this year. The show was extended from the normal two to four hours. I played four hours of hippie music. In the book I am currently writing there is a CHAPTER ALL ABOUT THE HIPPIES.  More about the book later but first let's have some hippie music:
Saturday afternoons are special to me, DREAMSAI.
I've added a little gallery of pics from yesterday to the website. CHECK IT OUT.

I keep asking for clothes to put out for guests: jumpers, coats, trainers, hats, jogging bottoms. I keep asking but it falls on deaf ears !

Our tombola of love was a great hit. Every time Queen Of the Kettle Julie made a guest a cup of tea
or coffee they were given a free tombola ticket - a prize every time. With guests coming back four, five or six times Julie was worried some may suffer from a major caffeine overdose.

Let's play some music for those concerned.

Look at the items we had in yesterday's tombola - come on everybody donate a Mars Bar or a packet of biscuits for next week's Dreamsai Lunch Of Love.

SMILE CARDS...................

Having set up a simple system to send one of our Smile Cards to all members of The Royal Family on their birthdays I put two in the post yesterday.

I am still working on the page THE SUN NEVER SETS ON RONALD McDONALD where we plan to send 1,000 Smile Cards every month to children in hospital all round the world. I am going to need the help of 1,000 people every month to sign cards with
personal messages of love.

Next week I will launching the project to send Smile Cards to patients, friends, relatives, doctors, nurses and all staff in as many hospitals as possible.

On Friday next week I am meeting with The Justice Department to have a community payback team clear the fag butts across the ground of University Hospital Milton Keynes. I am calling this Project Womble.

Andre Reiu......

I went to watch an Andre Reiu concert last night. One
week on Wednesday I will be making the radio show Wake Up With the Classics two hours of music from Andre. Last night's concert inspired me writing the playlist this morning. I like to be two to three weeks ahead of myself writing playlists, just 8 shows written a of this morning so I had better get my act together.

We need to find some people to a bit of marketing for us.

Could that be you ?

OK - I've got a couple of letters to write, e-mails to answer and then Maureen and I are off to Stowe National Trust with Doggie Jake for the afternoon.

Time then to chill out and end today.

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