Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY - EIGHT


There is only one species on Planet Earth that is a bigger waste of space than a politician and that is a pontificating vicar. However, a politician is harmless while a clergyman is a dangerous human being.

I will, never forget, it made my blood boil, hearing a pontificating super-vicar - a bishop of somewhere or other, speaking on the radio about the lower orders. Who are the lower orders ? That terrible man meant people like me and people like you.

Religion is the opium of the people, so said Karl Marx.

Opium, that's heroin isn't it ?  In the broadest terms indeed it is. Heroin is a Class A drug for which a dealer can face up to seven years in prison. 

If you look at how heroin influences a person's life it is exactly the same as religion. Heroin changes the brain and the body. When active it shuts out the bad and makes a person feel well, feel good about themselves. But when the latest injection begins to fade life is hell, the addict is unwell and can not face anything.

Is that not what religion does to a person, exactly the same ?  So how come a dealer of heroin can face up to seven years in prison yet a pontificating vicar can ply his trade day in, day out and have no fear of any consequences. For those who do not take his daily dose there is on offer an alternative of Hell. I wouldn't mind betting if a drug dealer offers a similar consequence to anyone not buying from him the government would increase the prison tariff.

Why can a pontificating vicar be allowed to peddle religion with this kind of threat up his sleeve ?  The answer is contained in that bishop's attitude so clearly revealed speaking on the radio about we "ordinary" people as the lower orders !  In the scheme of things from his point of view we do not count.

Since the fiction of Adam and Eve, since the fiction of Noah and his floating zoo, since the fiction of  Abraham and his clan those who would seek to set themselves above we lower orders have used religion as their weapon of choice to control us.

Defy the pope and you could be excommunicated to spend eternity in hell. Defy King Henry VIII and you faced having your head cut off. Same difference. Religion was ultimately behind the cutting off of a king's head, King Charles I!

Look at English history from 1066 and The Battle of Hastings to King Henry VIII and the ousting of roman catholicism  and the foundation of the church of England, to the puritans and The English Civil War.  (Please note I am being specific in using upper and lower case lettering - this is not an accident, a typo.)  Religion in the time of Queen Elizabeth I was different to that known in Victorian times and different today with happy clappies, roman catholics mormons and baptists all picking and choosing what best suits their individual philosophy.

And god created man in his own image. Genesis chapter one verse twenty-seven. So god created man in his own image did he ?  Should have gone to Specasvers. Genesis is fiction, bigger fiction than Harry Potter and his mates. Man created god in his own image, that's a better way of putting it. Man created god in his own image to suit his own needs.

The bible, the inspired word of god ?  Is it ? Or is it myth and legend coated in a thick layer of sugar icing ?  Which is it for you ?  Depends on the level of your addiction I guess. Depends which face of god you prefer. Which face of god you like to think man made in his own image.

So is there a god ?  Depends what god you are talking about. Which god man created in his own image.

Is there life after death ?  Now that is a difficult question to answer. Every pontificating vicar would have you believe there is. Two forms of life after death, heaven or hell. You choose which you want by becoming an addict to the opium of religion or walking away from it all and being clean.

Let me try to apply some logic. Put religion and its opium aside for a moment.Is it logical for any life form to be born into life then to be eradicated with death. The whole universe is based on logic, nothing exists without a reason. We understand but a tiny fraction of one percent of that logic.

Logic, I suggest, says there has to be life after death, life and death as we understand them. It also says there has to be a life before the life we are currently living. How can you factor that into religion,opium and an image of god which ever way you think of them ?

I bet, I hope, that has set you thinking !

Well, I will leave you thinking and end this ramble here and now.

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