Thursday, 9 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TEN


Do you remember when you had to wipe away dead insects from your car windscreen ?  No. there is not some new coating which causes them to bounce away. No, our insect population has not been taught the green cross code. Towards the lower end of they have been eradicated from the hierarchy of life.

When was the last time you heard a cuckoo ?  No, I do not mean the criminal drug dealers who take over a property. A cuckoo is a bird, did you know that ?  A bird whose unique song announced the start of Spring. When did you last hear that song ?   Do you remember ? Do you care ?

When did you last see an earwig ?  Earwig ?  No, it's not a form of hippie hair extension. Earwigs are a once common but now rare form of insect life.

Ladybirds ?  You can but them on Amazon, buy them to put in your garden. Buy them on line to replace what should be naturally occurring in your garden.

I do not think we were formally taught but as a kid my friends and I always knew the different species of butterflies. I doubt any kid today could tell the difference between a Red Admiral and a Cabbage White, how long before a kid will not know what a butterfly is ?

Bees, wasps, daddy long legs. How long before these species become rare ?  How long before they are extinct ?

Hedgehogs ?   Squirrels ?  Blackbirds ?  Robins ?  Sparrows ?

Human Beings ?

How long before we stop destroying our planet ?

How log before it is too late ?  YESTERDAY !

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