Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER EIGHT


When I work with teenagers in schools, I am a member of a project which helps teenagers make lifestyle and career choices this question came up: When you make a job application and you do not receive a reply how do you cope ?

I did not hesitate for a single moment saying: Tell them to get stuffed, they would not be good enough to deserve employing you. Go and find an employer who is worthy of you.

Why has the internet and on-line communications made bad manners acceptable ?  Sadly discourtesy at this level is becoming more and more common place.

Let me share some positive examples of good old fashioned courtesy in the on-line world.

I know a guy who is Director of Communications at a major football club. If I send him an e-mail I guarantee he will reply within an  hour. He is a very busy man but not too busy to stand aside from good manners.

|\if \i, or anyone else, were to send an e-mail to the Chief Executive of our local hospital he will reply the same day. I contacted two celebrities asking for help, help that would not cost them a single penny just a bit of time. These two celebrities - Will Young and Eddie The Eagle. Both replies saying bring it on. Lovely people both of them.

BT - British Telecom was the wooden spoon winner several years running, the wooden spoon award for poor customer service. Then its board of directors said enough is enough. Today I challenge you to find a company offering better quality of customer service than BT.

The video for Cliff Richard's single Wired For Sound was filmed in an area of the town where I live. I played two hours of Cliff Richard music on one of my radio shows. I am not sure if it was Cliff or a member of his staff who listened in then put the show out into social media. My listener figures exploded and went into orbit.

Cliff Richard has The Sir Cliff Richard Charity Foundation. I wrote to the foundation saying I had an original copy of Wired For Sound, if I paid the postage in both directions would Cliff sign it /  I would then use it to generate support for the homeless rough-sleepers who now live in the area where the video was filmed. 

I did not receive the courtesy of a reply.  (sir) cliff richard get stuffed you are not good enough to support s homeless rough- sleeper. The brackets and small case letters are not typo's, they are intentional.

I have been known to fail to take my own advice, advice to tell the person concerned to get stuffed. When challenging the failure to reply instead of just saying get stuffed I have a tendency to explode. Nothing will inflame my temper more than being told: I am sorry but I was too bust !  Too busy to assign measure of importance to what I was saying, too busy to assign even the lowest level of courtesy. I will then explode with a force making Krakatoa look like a firework on Bonfire Night.

Get Stuffed are two words which perhaps could be replaced with something a little stronger but politeness and the rules of publication do not allow me to use them here. 

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