Sunday, 26 January 2020

It aint going to happen

I am not sure how I feel - confused perhaps. I am not sure if anyone will read this or not. I am not sure if the words I am writing will make any difference. I know some people will say that my confusion is down to my trying to do too much. NO it is because I need to do more to make what I am doing more effective.

I met a man at Dreamsai on Saturday, a lovely young
man. Romanian by birth but speaking perfect English and every word delivered in a perfect English accent.

I have been to Romania, when Eastern Europe opened up I drove an aid truck to the country. This man was not born then but he knew of that part in his country's history and was such an expert on Romanian culture.

So why is he in England ?  Why is he homeless and rough-sleeping in Central Milton Keynes ? Because for four years he was a slave ! Now he is trying to
negotiate his way through the cold, heartless system of Britain in 2020. He was not asking for money, he was not asking for anything save for help to negotiate the system so he could get a job, sort himself out and make a positive contribution to society.

Sunshine Smile Crew member Jelena, seen here at Dreamsai on Saturday, was talking to another man then asked me to spend time with him.

This man told me he was thirty-six years old, he
could easily have passed for sixty. The one thing he wanted was a phone so he could try to find help. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR ME TO GIVE OUT AT DREAMSAI HAS BEEN PHONES. Not smart phones but simple handsets. How many have I been given ?  ZERO !  Please do not tell me you do not have unwanted phones laying about.

I felt so impotent. Even if he did have a phone there would not be anyone at the other end to help him !  I gave him one of our Smile Cards to which he replied - What have I got to smile about ?  It would be better all round if I topped myself !

I put this on YouTube two days ago. It has had 7 views. How come some people can put up silly YouTube videos about chicken shops and make a fortune yet something as important as this, helping people like my two friends I have here spoken of to simile is close to being ignored ?

I put this on YouTube two weeks ago and it has achieved 18 views. 

A lot of people have taken Smile Cards to sign for our PROJECT RONALD but so far nobody has returned any, I am the only one who has signed cards ready to send round the world on 14th February !

Another video:
I put that up two weeks ago and not a single coconut, not a single banana has been given to me
for The Food Bank.

How many people use YouTube every day ?  What am I doing wrong ?

In two day's time I will be rich !  Amazon will be crediting my bank account with last month's royalties from my book sales. In December 2019 I sold fifty-five books -e-books actually, I did not sell a single paperback. After
tax, oh yes Amazon deducts tax at source for its authors, I will receive £5.50p. There will be other writers who will receive bank credits one thousand times that I am looking forward to.

I am drawing to an end in writing my latest book, probably another ten or fifteen thousand words to go.  I am writing this book specifically to make money to help people within our projects. This book could easily earn £1,000 a month in Amazon royalties. Not because it is a great piece of writing but because if it is marketed there are so many people buying Amazon books and would be willing to take a punt. But as things stand right now it will make £sodall !  I keep asking for someone to help me market the book but it's all falling on deaf ears.

Some of you will recognise this place. It is now The SAFE HUB offering overnight accommodation for rough-sleepers. Twenty stay there every night, many sleeping in armchairs rather than beds. As with Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter it is an emergency facility. 

Take Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, an organisation I admire and have supported for more than two years. NOTE - Winter & Night.  It is like the government saying to Londoners during The Blitz. You can use the air raid shelters overnight between November and March - for the rest of the time you
are on your own !

Why it is a WINTER NIGHT SHELTER and not a 24/7/365 (366 - it's a leap year) shelter ?  Why is the Safe Hub only an emergency chair to sleep in overnight ?


When you see Boris grinning it could be because he is looking at the Smile Card I sent him. At least he did write to say THANKS. The dear friend I talked about earlier said it would be of more benefit to society if he topped himself rather than SMILE.

I published that on 10th July 2019 - it has had a staggering 28 views.

Two of my  books. My schoolboy autobiography and
my teenage autobiography.

Why can't they make some very good money from Amazon sales ?

Simple.  They are just sitting there with nobody marketing them. Any sales are simply because of chance. If each book had a dedicated person marketing it within the Amazon system ten grand a month could be easily possible.

But it aint going to happen unless I can find people to market them. Honestly, realistically I do not think I will find the right person. Will I ?

Ten grand a month - what could Safe Hub and the Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter do with that  money !

Here's another video I published on YouTube, this one went live on 11th July and has achieved a staggering 19 views. Perhaps if I were to speak about eating chicken I would make money. Can't do that - I am a vegetarian.

It's 5.15am.  I have been in the radio studio since 4am. After setting up to go live at 6am I have spent all of the remaining time writing this blog. When I go live I will be launching our FOOTBALL CRAZY project to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, Milton Keynes Food Bank, Dreamsai and Curly Tails. I have a video prepared and ready to add once the show is over. I wonder how many people will watch that !


Yep I am confused.I am confused about the way I am feeling.  I am confused as to why I am not making the difference I want, I need to make a bigger effort don't I ?

Two more videos. This was published on 19th January 2019 and has achieved 138 views.

FINALLY - 20th May 2019 - 148 views

OK JUST ONE MORE - Published 31st October 2019 and has achieved 455, 596 views.

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