Thursday, 30 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE


In the musical My Fair Lady taken from George Bernard's play Pygmalion there is a song Why can't the English teach their children how to speak ?  Within the song, speaking about the English Language there is a line: In America they haven't used it for years !

English is spoken all round the world, it is estimated that one and a half BILLION people speak English. If it is more widely spoken around the world than any other language why is it that America has such an issue with it ?

Britain invented the computer.  Britain invented the internet. Why then in modern communications America insists in screwing up the world's number one language with a hideous abomination of spelling ?

This is how you spell words like patronise - socialise - systemise yet as I type them using some damn American word processor each one is picked out as a spelling mistake.  George Washington and all those who have followed after you they are NOT spelling mistakes. America can you not tell the difference between S and Z ? poatroniZe - soacialiZe - systemiZe DOH !  I agoniSe over you inability to spell English words. Keep your damn silly spelling on your side of the Atlantic Ocean, keep it within your however many states of ThZ UniteZ StateZ oZ AmericaZ and stop invading the rest of the world.

Microsoft, you all know how much I hate, how much I love to hate, that cursed operation. Why does cretin of technology insist that Times New Roman is the world's default font ?  With dozens of more sophisticated and and pleasing to the eye why does stupid MicroZoft use the grating Times New Roman. With English as the world's dominant language why does it insist in using America'Z misspelling within its WindowZ operating system ? Why is it you can opt for American misspelling English or English English ?  English English containZ the American miZZpelling every bit as much as American EngliZh.

Google !  I am using Google Blogger to compile the draft for each chapter in this book, share it on my blog then revert to acuZZed MicroZoft to put it into Word. So twice in writing this book I have to fight a crazy - hey America there really is a Z in craZy - automated American spell check. I can not ignore the attention drawn to words just in case I have made a typographical error. All very confuZing and time conZuming.

Who invented the typewriter ?  Let me have a quick Google.   in 1714 Englishman Henry Mills invented the typewriter. Another quick Google, when did the rebellious BRITISH colonies declare independence ? Ah that was in 1776, SIXTY-TWO years after the invention of the typewriter in ENGLAND.  America did not exist then.

How long before a keyboard becomes a thing of the past ?  We already have voice activated systems which can translate proper English into American EngliZh and write any old rubbisZ onto a document. How long before all we need to do is to think and some device captures our thoughts to magically make them appear on the page ? When that happens I promise I will retire from writing.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY - EIGHT


There is only one species on Planet Earth that is a bigger waste of space than a politician and that is a pontificating vicar. However, a politician is harmless while a clergyman is a dangerous human being.

I will, never forget, it made my blood boil, hearing a pontificating super-vicar - a bishop of somewhere or other, speaking on the radio about the lower orders. Who are the lower orders ? That terrible man meant people like me and people like you.

Religion is the opium of the people, so said Karl Marx.

Opium, that's heroin isn't it ?  In the broadest terms indeed it is. Heroin is a Class A drug for which a dealer can face up to seven years in prison. 

If you look at how heroin influences a person's life it is exactly the same as religion. Heroin changes the brain and the body. When active it shuts out the bad and makes a person feel well, feel good about themselves. But when the latest injection begins to fade life is hell, the addict is unwell and can not face anything.

Is that not what religion does to a person, exactly the same ?  So how come a dealer of heroin can face up to seven years in prison yet a pontificating vicar can ply his trade day in, day out and have no fear of any consequences. For those who do not take his daily dose there is on offer an alternative of Hell. I wouldn't mind betting if a drug dealer offers a similar consequence to anyone not buying from him the government would increase the prison tariff.

Why can a pontificating vicar be allowed to peddle religion with this kind of threat up his sleeve ?  The answer is contained in that bishop's attitude so clearly revealed speaking on the radio about we "ordinary" people as the lower orders !  In the scheme of things from his point of view we do not count.

Since the fiction of Adam and Eve, since the fiction of Noah and his floating zoo, since the fiction of  Abraham and his clan those who would seek to set themselves above we lower orders have used religion as their weapon of choice to control us.

Defy the pope and you could be excommunicated to spend eternity in hell. Defy King Henry VIII and you faced having your head cut off. Same difference. Religion was ultimately behind the cutting off of a king's head, King Charles I!

Look at English history from 1066 and The Battle of Hastings to King Henry VIII and the ousting of roman catholicism  and the foundation of the church of England, to the puritans and The English Civil War.  (Please note I am being specific in using upper and lower case lettering - this is not an accident, a typo.)  Religion in the time of Queen Elizabeth I was different to that known in Victorian times and different today with happy clappies, roman catholics mormons and baptists all picking and choosing what best suits their individual philosophy.

And god created man in his own image. Genesis chapter one verse twenty-seven. So god created man in his own image did he ?  Should have gone to Specasvers. Genesis is fiction, bigger fiction than Harry Potter and his mates. Man created god in his own image, that's a better way of putting it. Man created god in his own image to suit his own needs.

The bible, the inspired word of god ?  Is it ? Or is it myth and legend coated in a thick layer of sugar icing ?  Which is it for you ?  Depends on the level of your addiction I guess. Depends which face of god you prefer. Which face of god you like to think man made in his own image.

So is there a god ?  Depends what god you are talking about. Which god man created in his own image.

Is there life after death ?  Now that is a difficult question to answer. Every pontificating vicar would have you believe there is. Two forms of life after death, heaven or hell. You choose which you want by becoming an addict to the opium of religion or walking away from it all and being clean.

Let me try to apply some logic. Put religion and its opium aside for a moment.Is it logical for any life form to be born into life then to be eradicated with death. The whole universe is based on logic, nothing exists without a reason. We understand but a tiny fraction of one percent of that logic.

Logic, I suggest, says there has to be life after death, life and death as we understand them. It also says there has to be a life before the life we are currently living. How can you factor that into religion,opium and an image of god which ever way you think of them ?

I bet, I hope, that has set you thinking !

Well, I will leave you thinking and end this ramble here and now.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY -SEVEN


It was a big fad a few years ago to research your family history. Certain websites appeared, some quickly disappeared, to take your money and help you find out what your ancestors got up to in their day.  Is that TV programme Who Do You Think You Are still running ?  Never watched it myself.

As a young boy I listened to my grandparents as they talked about the war, both of them, wars I mean: The Great War - The War To End All Wars - World War One 1914 to 1918 and its conclusion in World War Two 1939 to 1945. My childhood conversations taking my grandparents down Memory Lane seldom moved outside wartime Britain.

My Dad's Mum was eleven years old when Queen Victoria died, she was twenty-two when The Titanic sank. I would love to go back and quiz her about these and other memories.

Max Robinson is my pen-name, this Silly Old Man is really David - David Ashford. Over the years I became aware of two Ashfords with a certain claim to fame. I signed up to one of those ancestry websites to see who else I could find.

You may find it a bit of fun, no you will find it a lot of fun, to check out members of your family. Go on have a go.

Let me tell you about Daisy Ashford, Thomas Ashford, John Ashford and William Ashford. And so let this ramble begin....

I am not the first Ashford to be a writer, even if my name is Max Robinson. There was Daisy Ashford, bless her.  Born on 7th April 1881. Today we have typo's, Daisy had spelling mistakes. She was only nine years of age when she wrote the book The Young Visiters, a novelette set up in upper class England in the late nineteenth century.  The publishers decided to publish it complete with her childhood spelling. How many spelling mistakes, I mean typo's, have you found in this book ?

Daisy wrote a lot more during her lifetime, she died on 15th January 1972 but nothing sold as many copies as The Young Visiters. A few years ago The BBC dramatised her story.

My book The Bridge House is a semi-fictional account of the factual times through which my Dad's Mum lived. She was born in 1890 and left us in 1984. Both the death of Queen Victoria and the sinking of The Titanic feature in my novel. At one point in my writing I found I was writing The Bridge House in the style of my ancestor Daisy.

Daisy achieved fame, more fame than I ever will with my writing.

Thomas Elsdon Ashford was born in 1859, he was a postman. He never achieved fame delivering letters in the late Victorian age. At the age of eighteen he joined The 49th Regiment of The Royal Fusiliers. Soon after he found himself fighting in The Second Anglo-Afghan War. He left the army and went back to being a postman. He took two medals he won during his service, put them in a draw and while not forgetting all about them set them aside from his daily life delivering letters.

What medals did he win ?  He was awarded the same campaign medal every serviceman in the Second Anglo-Afghan War win, the other was The Victoria Cross For Bravery.

A group of soldiers came under enemy fire, Thomas and another made it to a place of safety but the third was hit and injured. The two immediately left cover and ran under fire to rescue their friend. Rescue him they did.

Queen Victoria herself pinned the medal on Thomas's chest.

I would like to think that if I were in the same situation as was Thomas that I would have acted as he did, without stopping to think about his own safety.  I would also like to think that I could have the same level of modesty as did Thomas, to put the medal away in a draw and not write a book around what happened.

Thomas's medal is now on display in The Tower Of London.  

I knew about my relation, Daisy, from years back but Thomas I only found out about in my recent research. 

Daisy and Thomas are famous members of my family. Mary is infamous. Mary managed to get herself murdered !  

Sutton Coldfield, where I grew up, was the focus of national attention in 1817 when Mary Ashford was found murdered in the town. She had been attending a party in Erdington on the evening of 26 May 1817, and had left with Abraham Thornton and her friend Hannah Cox, who later left Mary and Abraham. The following morning, her body was recovered from a water-filled pit by Penns Lane. (these locations will be familiar to those living today in the area, I knew them all when I lived in Sutton Coldfield.)

Thornton was quickly traced and arrested for her murder. At the trial, Thornton provided evidence that it was not possible for him to have killed Mary at the suggested time. As a result, the jury found him not guilty of her alleged murder and alleged rape, allowing him to walk free from the court.

Public response to the acquittal was that of outrage and a private appeal was brought against the verdict by Mary's brother, William Ashford. Thornton was taken to London where he was tried at the King's Bench. When Thornton was called upon for his plea, he responded, "Not guilty; and I am ready to defend the same with my body." He then put on one of a pair of leather gauntlets. Thornton threw down the other for William Ashford to pick up and thus accept the challenge, which William did not do. By Williamnot accepting the challenge under the trial by combat laws, Thornton was freed, although by this time he gained a notorious reputation. 

This challenge to a duel, trial by combat alarmed both the judiciary and parliament. in 1819, a bill was introduced and an Act passed to abolish private appeals after acquittals and also abolish trial by combat.

So that's Mary.

The name William appears many times in my family. My uncle was William, Billy, he features in my book An Interview With Flight Sergeant Billy, features no - he is the central character. Billy lost his life on the night of 8th March 1945 when his Lancaster Bomber was shot down on a raid over Germany.  His father was also William, my grandfather. He died at a young age from tuberculosis contracted in the trenches of World War One. With Mary's bother that's three Williams but there is another. I knew about the original three but only through my family research did I lean of this gentleman.

Another William was born in Birmingham in 1746, wow we are going back into history now. George II was on the throne, Handel's Messiah has first been performed just four years earlier.  It would be another   seventy-three years before Queen Victoria was born and two-hundred and four years before I made my own entry to this world.

At the age of eighteen William stared a job with the Ordnance Office and moved to Dublin which he made his home. He thought of himself as an Irishman and loved the country. He also loved painting, landscape painting. He became President of the Irish Society of Artists in 1813, and was first elected President of the Royal Hibernian Academy.  He died on 17th April 1824.

At the time of my writing this ramble there is a lot up for auction at The Sotheby House:

Lot 86: WILLIAM ASHFORD PRHA (1746-1824)A Watermill near Lucan (1791)Oil on canvas, 69 x 101cm (27 x 39¾'')Signed Provenance: Sotheby's London, 26th March, 1975, Lot 13: With Cynthia O'Connor & Co., Dublin; Sotheby's London, 13th March, 1985, Lot 81; Jame   Estimate: £40,000 - £60,000

Perhaps if this book becomes a best seller I may be able to afford to buy a painting by my ancestor.  When I wrote my book The Bridge House I featured a painting by William Ashford.

Daisy, Thomas, Mary, now we will come to John. In August 1834 John Ashford was awarded fifty-five pounds, fifteen shillings and nine pence compensation by the government. That's about ten grand in today's money.

William was a government naval official on the Caribbean Island of Antigua. This was a very significant location in the British Empire. Forty-eight years earlier when America declared independence Britain considered its Caribbean empire to be of much more importance than the American Colonies.

So why was my ancestor John given the money ? Well he had to free his slaves as the government had banned slavery in its empire. John only owned two slaves, house servants. Five thousand pounds in modern money for each of his slaves. How sad to value a human life so little. How sad to have an ancestor in my family who actually legally owned two other human beings.

So that brings me to the end of another rambling chapter.  May I encourage you to now go and find out what you can about your family. Off you go.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

It aint going to happen

I am not sure how I feel - confused perhaps. I am not sure if anyone will read this or not. I am not sure if the words I am writing will make any difference. I know some people will say that my confusion is down to my trying to do too much. NO it is because I need to do more to make what I am doing more effective.

I met a man at Dreamsai on Saturday, a lovely young
man. Romanian by birth but speaking perfect English and every word delivered in a perfect English accent.

I have been to Romania, when Eastern Europe opened up I drove an aid truck to the country. This man was not born then but he knew of that part in his country's history and was such an expert on Romanian culture.

So why is he in England ?  Why is he homeless and rough-sleeping in Central Milton Keynes ? Because for four years he was a slave ! Now he is trying to
negotiate his way through the cold, heartless system of Britain in 2020. He was not asking for money, he was not asking for anything save for help to negotiate the system so he could get a job, sort himself out and make a positive contribution to society.

Sunshine Smile Crew member Jelena, seen here at Dreamsai on Saturday, was talking to another man then asked me to spend time with him.

This man told me he was thirty-six years old, he
could easily have passed for sixty. The one thing he wanted was a phone so he could try to find help. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR ME TO GIVE OUT AT DREAMSAI HAS BEEN PHONES. Not smart phones but simple handsets. How many have I been given ?  ZERO !  Please do not tell me you do not have unwanted phones laying about.

I felt so impotent. Even if he did have a phone there would not be anyone at the other end to help him !  I gave him one of our Smile Cards to which he replied - What have I got to smile about ?  It would be better all round if I topped myself !

I put this on YouTube two days ago. It has had 7 views. How come some people can put up silly YouTube videos about chicken shops and make a fortune yet something as important as this, helping people like my two friends I have here spoken of to simile is close to being ignored ?

I put this on YouTube two weeks ago and it has achieved 18 views. 

A lot of people have taken Smile Cards to sign for our PROJECT RONALD but so far nobody has returned any, I am the only one who has signed cards ready to send round the world on 14th February !

Another video:
I put that up two weeks ago and not a single coconut, not a single banana has been given to me
for The Food Bank.

How many people use YouTube every day ?  What am I doing wrong ?

In two day's time I will be rich !  Amazon will be crediting my bank account with last month's royalties from my book sales. In December 2019 I sold fifty-five books -e-books actually, I did not sell a single paperback. After
tax, oh yes Amazon deducts tax at source for its authors, I will receive £5.50p. There will be other writers who will receive bank credits one thousand times that I am looking forward to.

I am drawing to an end in writing my latest book, probably another ten or fifteen thousand words to go.  I am writing this book specifically to make money to help people within our projects. This book could easily earn £1,000 a month in Amazon royalties. Not because it is a great piece of writing but because if it is marketed there are so many people buying Amazon books and would be willing to take a punt. But as things stand right now it will make £sodall !  I keep asking for someone to help me market the book but it's all falling on deaf ears.

Some of you will recognise this place. It is now The SAFE HUB offering overnight accommodation for rough-sleepers. Twenty stay there every night, many sleeping in armchairs rather than beds. As with Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter it is an emergency facility. 

Take Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, an organisation I admire and have supported for more than two years. NOTE - Winter & Night.  It is like the government saying to Londoners during The Blitz. You can use the air raid shelters overnight between November and March - for the rest of the time you
are on your own !

Why it is a WINTER NIGHT SHELTER and not a 24/7/365 (366 - it's a leap year) shelter ?  Why is the Safe Hub only an emergency chair to sleep in overnight ?


When you see Boris grinning it could be because he is looking at the Smile Card I sent him. At least he did write to say THANKS. The dear friend I talked about earlier said it would be of more benefit to society if he topped himself rather than SMILE.

I published that on 10th July 2019 - it has had a staggering 28 views.

Two of my  books. My schoolboy autobiography and
my teenage autobiography.

Why can't they make some very good money from Amazon sales ?

Simple.  They are just sitting there with nobody marketing them. Any sales are simply because of chance. If each book had a dedicated person marketing it within the Amazon system ten grand a month could be easily possible.

But it aint going to happen unless I can find people to market them. Honestly, realistically I do not think I will find the right person. Will I ?

Ten grand a month - what could Safe Hub and the Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter do with that  money !

Here's another video I published on YouTube, this one went live on 11th July and has achieved a staggering 19 views. Perhaps if I were to speak about eating chicken I would make money. Can't do that - I am a vegetarian.

It's 5.15am.  I have been in the radio studio since 4am. After setting up to go live at 6am I have spent all of the remaining time writing this blog. When I go live I will be launching our FOOTBALL CRAZY project to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, Milton Keynes Food Bank, Dreamsai and Curly Tails. I have a video prepared and ready to add once the show is over. I wonder how many people will watch that !


Yep I am confused.I am confused about the way I am feeling.  I am confused as to why I am not making the difference I want, I need to make a bigger effort don't I ?

Two more videos. This was published on 19th January 2019 and has achieved 138 views.

FINALLY - 20th May 2019 - 148 views

OK JUST ONE MORE - Published 31st October 2019 and has achieved 455, 596 views.

Ramblngs Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX


I am The Geriatric DJ so it is not strange that in my ramblings I am for ever quoting the words from retro-pop. Here's something from Herman's Hermits

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, don't you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
With no Bell telephone
And you don't have a shirt that is clean
You can rest your head on the corner of your bed
You can watch the world go by
But you never gonna see
What the other people see
If you're always gonna be a sleepy Joe

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
There are places to go
There are windows to clean on the way
You've got nothing to loose
But the shine on your shoes
Do the best things you can every day
You can get upset, at the way the people get
You can turn your back on the crowd
But you never gonna see
What is absolutely real
If you're always gonna be a sleepy Joe

(La la la la la) sleepy Joe

Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, donÒ‘t you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
With no Bell telephone
And you don't have a shirt that is clean

(La la la la la) sleepy Joe
Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
There are places to go
There are windows to clean on the way
You've got nothing to loose,
But the shine on your shoes
Do the best things you can every day

(La la la la la) sleepy Joe
I can not remember just how many times I have stood up in a school assembly and lectured teenagers not to waste their lives as a Sleepy Joe. Through the magic of Facebook, even if I did extract the Michael in earlier chapters, I am so proud to be in contact with many, many of those students who listened to the Silly Old Younger Man preach those words in assembly.  I am pleased to have taken friendship out from social media and into the real world. In the real world I have not met a single former student who is a Sleepy Joe.
Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
Now's the time, don't you know
To get into a new kind of dream
You've been living alone
With no Bell telephone
And you don't have a shirt that is clean
You can rest your head on the corner of your bed
You can watch the world go by
But you never gonna see
What the other people see
If you're always gonna be a sleepy Joe
Can I take you back to a former chapter where I quoted Elvis Presley, The King of Rock and Roll, saying An AMBITION is only a DREAM fitted with a V8 engine. You have to get out of bed, take your head off the pillow, stop dreaming both literally and metaphorically then set yourself an ambition.
Rise and shine, sleepy Joe
There are places to go
There are windows to clean on the way
You've got nothing to loose,
But the shine on your shoes
Do the best things you can every day
This Silly Old Man then took the wisdom Of The King Of Rock And Roll to say REALITY is only an AMBITION fitted with a turbo charger.  Clean the windows, shine your shoes, do the best things you can every day, you arr far too important, far too valuable as a person to waste your potential as a Sleepy Joe.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man - CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE


Friend ? No, I do not mean someone on the global black hole of Facebook !  Think about it for a moment - Facebook - what a stupid name for a website. I mean you could call it Back of my hand book or The big toe on my left toe book, even My Fat Backside Book !  Do not pretend a social media friend is a friend, they are not.  They are not even an acquaintance. I have four hundred and thirty friend on Facebook, thank goodness in real life I have many more times this small number.

What is the opposite of friend ?  Enemy !  Of course it is. Therefore, it follows that if a person is not your enemy then they have to be your friend.

The day before I started to scribble this chapter of ramble I as walking down the drive to my car when the postman opened the gate. He had a package and a letter for my home. I took them from him, smiled then said: Thank you my friend. I could have just said Thank You but it came natural for me to ass the words MY FRIEND. Natural because he is my friend, delivering mail to my home is an act of friendship.

When I talk with teenagers in school I do not plan this, it come natural. I begin by saying: Hi guys, welcome - come on in, I'm Dave The Silly Old Man. At the end of of our conversation I always end saying: Thank you friends for spending time with me, I really enjoyed your company. Like I said, thee words come natural to me and the use of the word FRIEND is genuine and sincere.

A friend is only a stranger you have yet to meet. I have met these young men and women, they are no longer strangers so have to be friends.

I love meeting people, I like talking to people and turning strangers into friends.  Teenagers enthuse and inspire me.

Speaking with homeless rough-sleeping friends make me feel inadequate and helpless. Their stories build a bond of friendship but while I can chat, laugh and fool abut as The Silly Old Man moaning about the weather, talking of my personal tastes in music and all kinds of other things I get angry inside when I hear stress of how society has failed them and how bad luck has tossed them aside on to the scrap heap.

What kind of world re we living in ?  I am rambling a bit away from the subject matter so I think I will draw this chapter to an end in a moment. As I do so I am going to end with the worlds from The Hollies and their hit record from 1969:

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where?
Who knows where?
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

So on we go
His welfare is my concern
No burden is he to bear
We'll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

If I'm laden at all
I'm laden with sadness
That everyone's heart
Isn't filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

It's a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we're on the way to there
Why not share?
And the load
Doesn't weigh me down at all
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

He's my brother
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

NO !  He ain't heavy at all if don't make any attempt at all to pick him up, if you do not show friendship.

Try to pick up your friends using your arms, try to carry him on your back and he IS heavy. The chances are you will both end up on the floor.

Try to carry your friend using your mind and you will end up as a nervous wreck.

Cary your friend with your heart and with your love and you will find him to be as light as a feather.



Thursday, 23 January 2020

Can we count on your love ?

I am working FLAT OUT trying to get enough messages of love on our SMILE Cards to launch the project across 10 countries of the world, sending love to families with a child sick in hospital, to launch it on The International Day of love - Friday 14th September.
I have sent cards to major employers in the area, I have sent copies to every ambassador/high commissioner representing each of the countries we are seeking to send our love to.  I am about to start sending cards to community groups.

Birmingham - England has 65 rooms - need to send 100 cards a month.

Alberta - Canada has 79 rooms - need to send 100
cards a month.

New York - USA  has 95 rooms - need to send 120 cards a month.

Los Angeles - USA has 16 rooms - need to send 40 cards a month.

Nashville - USA has 36 rooms - need to send 50 cards a month.

Auckland - New Zealand has 50 rooms - need to send 70 cards a month.

Canberra - Australia has 62 rooms - need to send 80 cards a month.

Dublin - Ireland - has 62 rooms - need to send 80 cards a month.

Johannesburg - South Africa - has 62 rooms - need to send 80 cards a month.

Mumbai - India - has 17 rooms - need to send 30 cards a month.

TOTAL 750 cards of love.

Several friends have taken cards to sign but right now I am the only one with completed cards in  the box ready to send off.

Each day in the radio studio I sign four cards. Those of you who are currently signing cards PLEASE will you sign some more ?  Those who have not yet taken cards to sigh will you PLEASE take some ?

If you are not fully understanding what this SMILE project is about CLICK HERE.