Saturday, 7 December 2019

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts !

Freddie wants The Sunshine Smile Crew to put together a lovely bunch of coconuts....

A bunch of real coconuts as well as a metaphorical bunch but every single one has to be wrapped in love.

We have always supported The Food Bank. A couple of months ago I suggested we were not doing enough and introduced the phrase ROCKING FOR THE FOOD BANK. Well friends in The Sunshine Smile Crew we really are Rocking and Rolling for The Food Bank.

Since joining West Bletchley Council in October I have been visiting The Food Bank outlet at Saint
Andrews Church in our council area. I take a small number of fresh items for guests to pick up, among those items there have been coconuts.

Yesterday I was told that the first item to be picked up last week was a coconut. KING OF SMILES Stewart Bailey, can you see the corn on the cob
holders you donated ?  Two families are now using them. Stewart you also gave a jigsaw puzzle and some fun Roald Dahl items which are now in hampers of love which will be given out to families in Christmas week.

Richard, you gave so many gifts of love that I had to make two trips from the car park to take everything inside yesterday.

King Of The Smiles Stewart, you gave us The Smile Card, a major job I have to do every week is to print and laminate more cards. Yesterday I put a couple out with the gifts to be told by Food Bank team members: YES, people always pick the cards up.

As a part of my five radio shows each week, running up to Christmas I have a feature ROCKING FOR THE
FOOD BANK. From Monday until Christmas Day I am going to change the playlists so the rocking happens with these two songs: COCKNEY CLASSICS - I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts and THE DAVE CLARK FIVE - Good old rock and roll.

In a bit I will come to the METAPHORICAL COCONUTS, be patient, but can I stick with the literal
for the moment.

A coconut in Morrissons costs 80p. Would you donate a coconut I can take to St Andrews and The Food Bank next Friday ?  You can either give me a coconut or 72p and I will buy one for you.  72p ?  I get 10% discount at Morrissons so a coconut costing 80p less 10% discount = 72p.

I have just published on YouTube today's Advent Window.

All the good causes The Sunshine Smile Crew
works with can be found with each Advent Window.

Leaving The Food Bank I went to Windmill Hill Golf Centre which is within the council ward I am proud to represent. The lovely people at Windmill Hill are hosting an evening of Retro Pop in support of The Food Bank. Sunshine Smile Crew member Graham will be playing the music while King of The Smiles Stewart and The Geriatric DJ will use a metaphorical bunch of coconuts to make the evening rock and roll.

From Windmill Hill I then met up with Smiling Darren. I wanted to pick Darren's brain for a couple of Sunshine Smile Crew projects.

Darren and I have been friends for 37 years, since the days when he was a teenager at Leon School and I was his head of year. Here's a picture of some of my LEONITES - Leon School students.  See if you can pick out Darren.
Darren let me play something for you. You will understand its significance but do not tell anyone will you !
Did you pick out Smiling Darren in that pic ?  Here he is !

Now the coconuts are going to get metaphorical - stick with it and everything will become clear. (I hope)

Friday 6th December 2019 ended with my proudly attending West Bletchley Council's Christmas Lights Switch On.
It was a very simple but lovely evening.

Actually I found myself a little bit confused. I said to both the Chairman of West Bletchley Council and to our Council Clerk that I could not put my finger on why the evening was so special. I have been to many different "lights" events but this was by far the best.

It was walking home when I realised why the evening was so extra special.

Some people would say it was a community event organised by West Bletchley Council but it was NOT. No it wasn't.

This was the West Bletchley family of residents coming together for a simple happy time time of friendship.

Holne Chase School Choir performed but to use the word CHOIR is not right - IT IS NOT ENOUGH to describe the singing. This was a group of children singing together and having fun while Mum, Dad and everyone else watched. It was beautiful.

Am I making sense ?

Those coconuts at The Food Bank were, indeed are, special because ONE they are simple and TWO because they are wrapped in love.

As I said I have been to many different Christmas Lights Switch On events over the years but Friday 6th December 2019 in West Bletchley was by far the best of all. No doubt about that.

BEST because it was simple - it was genuine - it was natural - it was filled with love. IT WAS FAMILY.

Within our Advent Windows this image appears.

I am right am I not ?

Do small things with great love ?

Just as this is at the centre of all the projects The Sunshine Smile Crew works with so it is the heart of Dreamsai !
No coconuts but lots of food made with love for guests as we threw open the doors of The Buzzy.

You can't miss The Silly Old Man dressed as Santa but just look what Mariuz did with our smile stickers.

Mariuz you are an incredible man. You came to The Buzzy a month ago as a guest, we talked for two hours after which you joined The Sunshine Smile Crew. A week later you joined Dreamsai and I nick-named you the Head Cook and Bottle Washer.  I am so very proud to count you as a friend.

Stewart Bailey, we put your freebie box out for guests and it was an immediate success. Thank you so much for making this happen.

We put out teddies for adoption and now several have new homes.

No coconuts but so many, many small things with GREAT LOVE.

Queen of the kettle, Julie always asks guests if they want milk and sugar in their tea or coffee. She does not ask how many spoonfuls of love. She piles every cup with love. Julie, if ever you opened a business you could put
both Costa and Starbucks out of business overnight !

The milk you put in those cups, Julie is it by any chance coconut milk ?

I love Dreamsai, I love sitting and chatting with the guests who come through the doors. There is a magic in the air.  I have just realised - DREAMSAI you do use coconut milk in all the food you cook !  Today's curry was lovely. As for the mince pies - was there grated coconut in them ?
As the doors to The Buzzy closed until next week it was back to West Bletchley and the fabulous family day the council and local churches put on.

That word - FAMILY - the lights switch on was a success because family (and coconuts) were at the centre of operations.

Something special, very special........

Council vice-chairman, Ernie, was there with his beautiful pipe organ.

Ernie has raised so much money with his music for Willen Hospice.

Have a look at the notice to the side of the organ.  Bottom right, what can you see ?

Stewart Bailey - KING OF THE SMILES it's one of your smile cards. We gave that to Ernie last summer and there it was proudly on display.



Here's a letter the postman brought this morning.

It's from someone else who has one of our Smile Cards, a simple letter wishing The Sunshine Smile Crew well.

Is it true Your Royal Highness that you are partial to a coconut ?

So there you go, a kaleidoscope of small things all with GREAT love which have passed our way over 48 hours.

The success of the lovely West Bletchley Council lights was having FAMILY right at the centre. Family is at the centre of The Food Bank. I am proud to count the Red Kites and golfers at Windmill Hill as part of my family of friends. 

DREAMSAI... Family with the biggest possible F !

Do small things with GREAT love and throw in a coconut or two while you are at it !

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