Friday, 13 December 2019

Time to make Boris smile

On Thursday my radio show played two hours of totally silly music - Thursday the day of the general election. CHECK OUT THE PODCAST.  I was predicting chaos the following day with the broken parliament we have all endured for more than three years being catapulted to a new and higher level.

If you watched the non-stop BBC TV coverage going round and round in circles it is obvious its editors were expecting the same. Boris's overwhelming victory left them scrabbling round for something to talk about.

When Tony Blair was prime minister I was asked to help a
family with a seriously ill little boy. They had come to England on a visa for medical advice for their child who had cancer. The little boy was admitted to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, he was seriously ill. The family was not entitled to NHS treatment. The hospital was not going to turn the little boy away but they had to bill the family for the treatment. All the family wanted was for their son to be well and to return home.

I wrote to Tony Blair asking for help. He replied very quickly saying that while his sympathy was with the family, legally there was nothing he or his government could do. Actually there was.

Alistair Campbell leaked the story to The Daily Mail. A benefactor stepped forward and paid the bill.

Sadly the little boy died.

A couple of months ago I wrote to Boris Johnson and to the Home Secretary expressing concern at the level of knife crime and the knife carrying criminal dug gangs operating in Milton Keynes. NEITHER RESPONDED. Since I sent those letters THREE more people have been stabbed to death in Milton Keynes. Out of respect for those who have died I gave yesterday's BLOG a slightly misleading title.   Have you read what I said ?   25 people did.

Boris I do not expect you to smile about murders but I intend to take what Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell did, shove it up your right nostril and force you to add your smile with THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW.

Stewart Bailey gave us the SMILE CARD, on Monday one will be on its way to Boris.

Boris I am not going to take NO for an answer and if you fail to respond The Daily Mail will be running another feature.

Boris you will learn that there is more to caring for the NHS than promising funding. You recently visited University Hospital Milton Keynes. You are now going to take a longer term interest in what THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW is doing.

You will take interest in TeenHeroMK and you will support Melting Pot.

Boris are you a blood and organ donor ?  You better had be. The Prime Minister leads our country, leadership goes 
beyond politics.

I am working on a manifesto of our own - I will have this finished early next week under the title of SUNSHINE SMILE CREW 2020 VISION.

I see my personal role developing into becoming a campaigner for the projects we have running, I will campaign while others co-ordinate the various activities.  Boris you will be the primary target for my campaigning.

From The Food Bank to Melting Pot, from Secret Santa to supporting our homeless and rough-sleeping friends PEOPLE are at the centre of all we do.  PEOPLE and LOVE.

In the run up to the general election I was saying that the Tory Party did not understand there were ordinary people at the receiving end of its policies while the Labour Party knew perfectly well there were ordinary people but they were only there for it to play politics with.

Boris from the Tory Party you are going to prove me to have been wrong.  Get ready to smile.
When I first joined Radio CRMK I said I had twin passions, a passion for music and a passion for people. Nothing has changed, I have had those passions all my life BUT what is the point of caring for people, helping them and loving them when we are systematical destroying the planet they live in.

Every day driving to the radio station I have to pass the obscenity which is Central Milton Keynes, building after building after building doing everything possible to destroy our planet. A DESTRUCTION WHICH IS BEING HEADED UP BY MILTON KEYNES COUNCIL.

Before the New Year I will publish a paper on what is happening and how it has to be stopped. Boris, I can assure you that as Prime Minister YOU WILL TAKE AN INTEREST.

President Trump may think he can dismiss a 16 year old climate activist with a stupid
little post on Twitter. Prime Minister Johnson I can assure you The Silly Old Man, The Geriatric DJ will not be so easily shut up.


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