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My letter to The Prime Minister

As promised in my TIME TO MAKE BORIS SMILE 

blog page I have now written to 10 Downing Street.

15th December 2019

The Prime Minster
10 Downing Street
London  SW1A 2AA

Cc: Iain Stewart Member for Milton Keynes South Suite 102  Milton Keynes Business Centre  Foxhunter Drive  Linford Wood  MK14 6GD

Dear Prime Minister

Congratulations on the recent general election result.

I am no longer a member of The Conservative Party but before I resigned I voted for you to become leader.  I do not do politics now, like so many in the country I became frustrated and lost all interest in the system.  Now as an independent member of West Bletchley Council I cannot “do” politics even if I wanted to.

Within the work I do as a community activist I am on record saying: The Conservative Party does not understand that real people are at the end of their politics, the Labour Party fully understands this but is only interested in using we real people as pawns in its political games. As for the Liberal Democrat Party, haw can anyone trust a party with the word democrat in its title yet does not believe in democracy !

When it came to voting in the recent general election I hesitated before voting for Iain Stewart. In casting my vote I was putting my trust in you and also voting against Labour Party Candidate Hannah O’Neil who set aside her claim to be interested in preventing knife crime in Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes aka Stab City !  She failed twice to give me the courtesy of answering my two letters asking to meet and discuss a situation where I have far more on the ground knowledge than ever she does.  Too busy playing politics to care about real people. During her games another person was murdered.

Let me share an anecdote with you:

When Tony Blair was prime minister I was asked to help a family with a seriously ill little boy. They had come to England on a visa for medical advice for their child who had cancer. The little boy was admitted to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, he was seriously ill. The family was not entitled to NHS treatment. The hospital was not going to turn the little boy away but they had to bill the family for the treatment. All the family wanted was for their son to be well and to return home.

I wrote to Tony Blair asking for help. He replied very quickly saying that while his sympathy was with the family, legally there was nothing he or his government could do. Actually there was. Alistair Campbell leaked the story to The Daily Mail. A benefactor stepped forward and paid the bill.

Sadly the little boy died.

I wrote to you with copies to your Justice Secretary regarding knife carrying criminal drug gangs freely operating in Milton Keynes. You both failed to reply.  I wrote to your Health Secretary regarding failures within Milton Keynes Council’s adult social care department. Again no reply. I wrote to your Environment Secretary regarding the Climate Cowboys in Milton Keynes. I did get a reply but I have yet to find anyone who can translate the letter into plain English !

I am involved in many projects in Milton Keynes. Yesterday I was with an organisation Dreamsai which every Saturday provides a lunch and time of friendship for our homeless rough-sleeping friends. My role is to sit and talk with guests, to be there for them to unload their cares. In the near future I plan to write a paper on what I have heard. I have probably spoken, as a lay-man, to more people in this situation than any other individual. I believe I have a unique insight and understanding.

Yesterday there was universal belief among our guests that your general election victory will give them hope for a better life in the future.  Will it ?  I would like to think it will but I fear my assessment of the Conservative Party not comprehending there being real people at the end of its policies may be correct.
I am currently restructuring my team, we call ourselves The Sunshine Smile Crew, for activities in 2020. I want my role to develop into a campaigner more than a co-ordinator. I can assure you in 2020 you will be hearing from me. I contacted Tony Blair’s office on a number of issues, not just the little boy I mentioned above. I always got a reply. I trust when I write to you in the new year I will receive replies and not have my letters cast aside. Tongue in cheek I not looking for The Daily Mail to run another feature, this time explaining how the Conservative Party does not comprehend there are real people at the end of its policies.

For your reference the current project list of The Sunshine Smile Crew includes:
·         Supporting families with a child sick in hospital, working with Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.
·         Showing love for our homeless rough-sleeping friends and a wider range of vulnerable adults.
·         Loving our NHS
·         Promoting Blood & Organ Donations - Melting Pot and TeenHeroMK
·         Working with teenagers in school.
·         The Food Bank
·         Loving our planet and Project Womble
·         Loving animals
·         Playing music
·         Twinning UK toilets with villages in Uganda, providing families with basic sanitation.
We have just been asked to become involved with a gymnastic group where all members suffer from Downs Syndrome.

So in conclusion may I repeat my congratulations, urge the Conservative Party to comprehend we real people at the end of your policies – PEOPLE not organisations and photo opportunities and wish you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Yours most sincerely,

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