Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Milton Keynes is destroying wildlife

Who can remember the times when you had to clean dead insects from you car windscreen ?  You don't have to do that any more do you ? These insects do not exist any more.

I spend my time every day working within a series of projects supporting and loving people across a number of different areas. I try to inspire others to join in and share their love for our fellow man. But what is the point if we as the human race is systematically destroying our world.

A few weeks ago I was talking with the Imam of our local mosque, he said god created all live on the planet and set man at the head of all life. I do not do religion in any form but would change the Imam's words slightly. CREATION GAVE OUR WORLD ALL LIVE FORMS AND PUT MAN IN CHARGE OF CARING FOR ALL LIFE FORMS.

When was the last time you saw a ladybird ? I did not see one last summer. How long before our children do not know what a ladybird is ?  How long before they are extinct ?

As a child hearing the first cuckoo of the year was a significant moment. I can not think how many years it has been since I heard one. We are fast approaching the time when CUCKOO will mean, and only mean, a drug dealer who takes over a home for his criminal activities.

For people like me who have not heard a cuckoo for a long here is what one sounds like.

BUTTERFLIES. Common in every garden when I was a child, we all knew the names of the different species. What is this ?

A Red Admiral. Dis you know that ?  What species is this ?

A Cabbage White.

That piece of commercialism has achieved 909,275 views on YouTube. This next piece has achieved just 15 views

How many readers will check this blog page ? 98,675 people have read my blog since the first edition in December 2016. I have the ambition to hit 100k by 31st December. In 2020 I plan to develop my role in caring for people to that of a significant campaigner for the causes THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW works with.  I want to raise to new heights the plight of homeless rough-sleepers, vulnerable people of all ages, the work of our NHS, organ and blood donation. But what is the point of loving our fellow man when climate cowboys are destroying our world ?

All of these climate cowboy photographs were taken at 4am one morning.

Why is Milton Keynes Council mouthing off about becoming the greenest authority in the world when every day is is working to destroy our planet ?  You can buy drugs in the street adjacent to its central library but what is it doing to save our planet ?  Leaving lights on all night does not help it destroys !

Sainsbury's in Wittan Gate, Central Milton Keynes opens at 7am. At 4am its staff members are busy filling the shelves WITH ALL LIGHTS TURNED ON. Go to Morrissons on South Row and it to has staff filling shelves BUT with just skeleton lighting. Shop at Sainsburys if you want to help destroy our planet. Shop at Morrissons if you care.

Milton Keynes Council leaves its lights on 24/7 365 days a year and pretends it cares for our environment. NO IT DOES NOT !  Like all others in this gallery it is a CLIMATE COWBOY.

Did you know Milton Keynes has a red light district ?

I came to Milton Keynes when it was little more than a name on a piece of paper. I attended teacher training college in Bletchley Park where I lived for three years. Every morning I awoke to the sound of the dawn chorus. For a while I lived on a new estate being built by Milton Keynes Development Corporation, a new estate where no birds sang. That has changed, with trees and the housing now settled birds do sing. But for how long ?

Do birds sing in the Climate Cowboy area of Central Milton Keynes ?  NO ! No, and if the Climate Cowboys of Central Milton Keynes all birds, pollinating insects, ladybirds and butterflies will be destroyed.

For those who live in such Climate Cowboy establishments as The Hub this is what birdsong sounds like !

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