Monday, 9 December 2019

I am starting a new political party

OK I've decided, I am going to start a new political party - The DISCO PARTY.

Will you join ?  Can I count on your vote ?  There are, however, some people who are not allowed to join. Middle aged men with dyed blond hair are banned. So are scruffy, unpatriotic persons with grey beards.

Gobby cows whose mouths so big they are likely to generate more sound than the disco speakers at full volume are not allowed.

The Disco Party will have just one policy: Within this
we will play music to make people to make people smile, be happy, to inspire love for our fellow man and for the world we live in.

All taxation will be paid in LOVE.

Within this we will immediately close down Radio Boring aka Radio One and repeal The Marine Offences Act.

Every school will have its own disco which it will take
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out into the local community inviting people of all ages to smile and be happy.

NO we will not be a single issue party ! MUSIC - SMILING - LOVE - that's THREE issues.

Life is a DISCO so DANCE....

Can I count on your vote ?

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