Sunday, 8 December 2019

Feed the belly, the mind and the heart

As a young boy I grew up in the middle class Royal Borough of Sutton Coldfield. When I was a teenager for one year of office the town had an iconic and inspiring mayor who was blind. He had a
project FEED THE MINDS. I do not remember what it was all about but I was part of the teenage photoshoot with our mayor to launch his initiative.

The Sunshine Smile Crew works with two food programmes - The Food Bank and Food For Sai. Lovely but that is not feeding minds - it's feeding bellies.

Hey I have pulled our blog readership back up above 100 a day - yesterday we hit 130.

2,449 more readers and we will hit 100,000 ! How many days left to 2020 ? 24 so if we can hit the present readership every day for the rest of the year we will do it.

HAVE YOU READ YESTERDAY'S  EDITION ?   Is it a bit arrogant to say that our blog is feeding the minds ?

On the home page of our website there are some fun bits..............

Could these little bits and pieces be Food For The Mind ?

While I am writing this page I am listening to the music I will be playing on tomorrow morning's radio show.

Not one but two people told me yesterday that they
did not like the INTRO I use to start my five weekly radio shows.

My listener figures are down and that is worrying me BUT the radio is now a hobby rather than central to The Sunshine Smile Crew.

What do you think ?  Should I change the intro ?

The number of people who are taking copies of our
SMILE CARDS is certainly growing. This week I think we will top 100.

As a member of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW are you fulfilling the mission to every day make someone smile ?

SMILES - LOVE - HAPPINESS - that's feeding the heart isn't it ?

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