Thursday, 5 December 2019

Escape From Armageddon

Did you catch my show yesterday ? Wake Up With The Classics featured the iconic music of Jeff Wayne telling the story of H G Wells War Of The Worlds. Check the PODCAST.  Great music and at the end of the story the world does escape Armageddon. 

But that was fiction. What about fact ?

My show on Monday 11th November took the title THEY

FORTY MILLION people were injured in World War One, TWENTY ONE MILLION died in The Great War - the world to end all wars. This is my grandfather, I never knew him, he did not die in the trenches but from tuberculosis contracted in the trenches.

In World War One we came close to ARMAGEDDON but did manage to escape.

That escape did not prevent another attempt at Armageddon. This is my Uncle Billy, I never knew him. His Lancaster Bomber was blown up on a raid over Germany on 8th March 1945. He was part of the world's 3% of its population who died in World War Two. Another escape from Armageddon.

Going into schools each week to work with teenagers I was so deeply impressed with the attitude of those teenagers in remembering those who gave their young lives so we could live our old lives.  Attending the Remembrance Service at the war memorial within the location where I am a
council member I was impressed by the age range of people there, from babies in pushchairs to elderly in wheelchairs.

In one school there was a teenager wearing a hippie shirt. I commented. He then launched into talking about Woodstock. That was 50 years ago ! 1967 The Summer of Love, 1969 Woodstock and the hippie movement changed pop music across the world, it was a reaction to The Vietnam War where another quarter of a million perished as the world again escaped Armageddon.

If it had not been for Nikita Khrushchev backing down during The Cuban Missile Crisis US President J F Kennedy would most certainly have pressed the button and our planet would not have escaped Armageddon. 
Is suicide part of the human make up ?  It would appear to be so from 1914 to the present day.  YES THE PRESENT DAY. This time we will NOT escape Armageddon.

Driving to the studio this morning to present my Thursday show I drove through Central Milton Keynes, an obscene collection of Climate Cowboys determined to destroy the world we live in.  Milton Keynes, a local authority which is claiming it wants to be the greenest city in the entire world. I
can think of a rude word to describe that but let's settle for RUBBISH !

This is my fourth blog attempting to bring to YOUR attention the way Milton Keynes is destroying the world we live in.

Yet a year ago on 3rd December 2018 when I fooled about with Christmas pop music 2,698 read my scribbling.

Unless there is a dramatic change of mind right across the world this time we will NOT escape Armageddon. I am involved in so many projects playing music to make people smile, be happy and show love. My working week is always somewhere between 60 and 65 hours.    BUT WHAT IS THE POINT ?  Why love and care for people when we are destroying the world in which those people live ?

I have four grandchildren, I love them so much. Will they live to be grandparents themselves ? Will there be a world in 60 years time. Not if we continue the way are heading.

Last summer, wasn't that a crazy season, I was in London when the heat ground us all to a halt.  Another day I went into the radio studio to pre-record. It was so hot I could not work and had to go home. Driving home after broadcasting last week I was angry to find that Marlborough Street had been closed, closed with no diversion in place. Traffic chaos. How I cursed Milton Keynes Council but the road had not been closed for maintenance, it was closed due to flooding.

I contacted Extinction Rebellion - YES I did and told them of my concerns for the way Climate Cowboys are destroying Milton Keynes as a starting point to destroy our world. They were not interested. We need the hippies.

There are 22 million trees in Milton Keynes and 229,941 people live here. Let me grab the calculator.... 95 trees in Milton Keynes for every
member of the population. According to Google there are three trillion trees in the world and a population of 7.7 billion. I am not sure if the calculator can cope with this but let's try.....That's 389 trees for every person. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TREES IN MILTON KEYNES !

As a local Councillor I boast I represent the greenest ward in the greenest part of Milton Keynes, that is true but it is not green enough.

Trees are the lungs of the world. There are not
enough trees !

CLICK HERE and read something I found on MKFM's website.

I am a vegetarian. For most of my life I ate meat then drifted into vegetarianism. I then looked at my little dog Jake and though how disgusting it would be to eat him !  Now as a confirmed non-meat eater I understand how serious mass raising of animals to eat is for global warming.

If every local authority across the world planted 389 trees for every resident and if every human being stopped eating meat PROBLEM SOLVED ! We would escape Armageddon.

If not..........

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