Saturday, 21 December 2019


AMBITION is only a dream with a V8 engine....

That was something said by Elvis Presley.

The Geriatric DJ added to that saying REALITY is only an ambition fitted with a turbo charger.

On today's blog can I share an AMBITION and a DREAM.
It is my AMBITION for our blog to hit 100k readers by 31st December. That's 9 days away. We are 1,130 hits short meaning we need 126 hits a day to get there.

So far this week the biggest readership has only been 59. Across the month it has been 65.

This ambition is not an ego trip for me but by getting more and more and more readers we can widen the smiles in the work we do.

Yesterday's edition - THE GALLERY OF LOVE - has so far pulled just 28 readers. Have you checked it out ?

By the way since I started this blog in December 2016 the biggest daily readership was 3rd December last year when we achieved 2,698 readers. Not sure how that happened. 

OK moving on.................

This a dream so we have to take it to the ambition stage and then turbo boost it to reality.

We are coming up to three years of smiling operation. During that time we have never taken any money, not a single penny, from a cause our work has supported. All costs have come out of my pocket, that's fine and I do not have a problem with that.
However, as we work to make our 2020 vision happen costs will increase. I will do everything I possibly can to reach deeper into my pockets but we are sitting on two areas of potential to make money.

If a 25 year old guy can make a fortune talking about chicken meals on YouTube then why can't we make money talking about smiles ?

Right now can I suggest we use my books written under the pen name of Max Robinson to generate money we can use to widen our smiles.

When I sell an e-book on Amazon I make 29p. I do not sell many ! BUT there are Amazon millionaire
authors. The reason I am not an Amazon Millionaire is the fact that I just do not promote my books.

If we promoted my books and we sols say 1,000 a month that would yield £290 which would widen our smiles a lot.

THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY is my schoolboy autobiography. I hates school, it was dull and monochrome but I hope my book is not.


As I am writing this blog I have come up with a thought to write a third autobiography THE RAMBLINGS OF A SILLY OLD MAN.

But if left to me we will never, ever make any money from my books. I write for the fun of it and I do not have the ability or knowledge to market the books.

I believe that THE BRIDGE HOUSE is my best book and could stand high in the best seller list on Amazon. But I made the mistake of illustrating it, in paperback it costs more than £18 ! The e-book version costs £1.49.

If we could find someone who has the skills to market my books and turn the writing into money I think we should split the income 50/50. Half to widening our smiles and half paid as a salary to the Marketing Manager.

Beyond royalties Amazon puts up an amazing prize fund each month for its top 100 authors. How many
sales are needed to become a top selling author ?  I don't know. Let's say it is 100,000 a month. That would bring in royalties of £29,000 + the prize money. £14,500 for the smiles and £14,500 for the Marketing manager.

Now here's an idea. Could we find more than one Marketing Manager ?  Each one concentrating on just one book. I think we could achieve a lot more sales that way.

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE is a book I personally like. An e-book copy costs £1.49

QUANTUM MECHANICS costs only 99p as an e-book.


I have to say I wouldn't mind being a best-selling author but more importantly is the cash my books could bring to our smiles.

Right now this is a DREAM and nothing more. We have to pass
through the V8 engine bit to AMBITION then put the pedal to the metal to make it REALITY.

Let's have a go at sorting this then see if we can find someone to do the same with our YouTube Channel.

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