Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Christmas With The Geriatric DJ

It's coming....... Christmas I mean. Shops may have declared Christmas in mid July but now it's time to get serious. So what has THE SILLY OLD MAN got planned for you all ?

WEDNESDAY 18th DECEMBER: Wake Up With The Classics will bring you the entire Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker.  Christmas would not be Christmas without The Nutcracker. During the interval we will be Rocking For The Food Bank - a feature I have been running as a part of every show since October. 

THURSDAY 19th DECEMBER: Dave's Disco. Every week the podcast is played at Dreamsai's Lunch of Love.

FRIDAY 20th DECEMBER: Immediately after broadcasting Pick of the Pops (Our time machine this
week is going back to 20th December 1966 where we will play the Top Thirty Chart and look at what was happening in that long-gone year) Santa's Sleigh will be heading to Birmingham to deliver the many gifts of love you have given for children who will be sick in hospital over Christmas.

Although I can not make my regular visit to The Food Bank's Friday distribution point at Saint Andrews Baptist Church I will leave our usual gift of bananas and coconuts in a secret hiding place for the team to pick up.

SATURDAY 21st DECEMBER: No radio show to broadcast but Saturday is very much the highlight of my week. Dreamsai's LUNCH OF LOVE - 12.30pm to 1.30pm at The Buzzy. Dave's Disco from Thursday will accompany the delicious meals Dreamsai members have prepared at home during the morning. While some of us are in the warm with our guests others are out on the Walk Of Love taking meals to our homeless rough-sleeping friends.

FRIENDS - I do not use that word flippantly. I have
made friendships with regular guests. Honestly, I find our conversations so inspiring. 

We could do with a few more bits and pieces of love for our Freebie Box.  Anyone have a watch they are not wearing any more. Got a new pair of socks  in  a draw from last Christmas you do not want ?  A can of deodorant ?  A Santa Hat ?  

Sunday is my day off !

MONDAY 23rd DECEMBER: Start The Week starts
Christmas Week - two hours of music - a bit of this and a bit of that.  Every day we open a new music Advent Window on YouTube.  On each day's radio show I feature our Advent Windows. With no shows to broadcast over the week-end I have three windows to feature on Monday.

TUESDAY 24th DECEMBER: This took a bit of doing but I am taking the words MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY and playing a track which starts with each letter. Does that make sense ? 

WEDNESDAY 25th DECEMBER: CHRISTMAS DAY - every track played will be dedicated to a child and their family, a child sick in hospital over Christmas. Every family, every child will be opening a Christmas Card and receiving a present from Secret Santa.

THURSDAY 26th DECEMBER: Today I will feature two hours of Jive Bunny as we rock and roll with the theme It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. We will feature all the good causes our music celebrates.

FRIDAY 27th DECEMBER: An extended radio show starting at 5am then finishing at 9am - 4 hours of music dedicated to THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR
CHRISTMAS SO WE COULD ENJOY OUR CHRISTMAS. Christmas cards and thanks have been sent to every fire station in the region, to police teams from the Chief Constable to local Community Teams. Departments in hospitals across the region and ambulance teams. THEY GAVE THEIR CHRISTMAS SO WE COULD HAVE OUR CHRISTMAS. Please, during the show hit me on Facebook to add your messages of thanks.

SATURDAY 28th DECEMBER: Dreamsai again. I
want to be able to set out a table of clothes for our guests. Warm jumpers, coats, woolly hats, gloves and shoes. Have you anything we can put on the table ?

SUNDAY 29th DECEMBER:  Day off.  I will be going to Bristol to
spend the day with my two granddaughters.

MONDAY 30th DECEMBER: Within the music I play today I will be inviting you consider your 2020 New Year Resolutions. A year ago I said I wanted to make one new friend for every day of the year. I did not make a new friend every day but across the year I made more than 365 friends.

TUESDAY 31st DECEMBER: Soon be time to say Happy New Year - listen and see just how many versions of Auld Lang Syne I will be playing.

WEDNESDAY 1st JANUARY: My music sponsors Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails. Alfie, or at least his representative will be joining me for the show. Curly Tails is a lot more than an animal rescue centre as you will find pout when you listen.

THURSDAY 2nd JANUARY: Over the Christmas and New Year I
have left my weekly broadcast programme to one side. Yesterday should have been Wake Up With The Classics and today Dave's Disco.  I plan to combine the two featuring The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with WHERE CLASSICAL MUSIC MEETS ROCK AND ROLL !

FRIDAY 3rd JANUARY:  This is a special broadcast for me - my 250th show on CRMK.  I had to check the calculator twice but yes I have played more than 7,500 tracks across my shows. The very first track I ever played
was Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens, I will open the show with that. Anyone who knows The Geriatric DJ can tell you that Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel is. in my opinion, the greatest piece of music ever written.  I will be ending the show with that. Between these two I will pad in a lot of hippie music.

Monday 6th January 2020 - BACK TO NORMAL. Is
there normality in a world inhabited by The Geriatric DJ ?

Catch all my shows live www.crmk.co.uk 6am to 8am


My 500th show will then happen on Friday 20th December 2020 - CHRISTMAS AGAIN !

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