Friday, 13 December 2019

BBC You got it wrong !

Yes The BBC you got it wrong !

No, I am not talking about the general election but your report on last night' news when you said the latest murder on Fishermead was the second in recent times.

WRONG !  In the summer there was the CONNIBURROW MURDER where one person died and Class B Drugs were found at the scene. Then in October there was the double murder on EMERSON VALLEY. Now we have the FISHERMEAD murder. THREE knife crimes, four people dead ! I do not want this to sound flippant or in any way disrespectful but Milton Keynes is STAB CITY.  I have not done the calculations but by head of population Milton Keynes may well have the highest knife murder in the country for 2019.

It is not known if drugs are involved or not but I put the location of the latest murder into Crime Stoppers as a significant drug dealing location.

Before the Conniburrow Murder I contacted both local Members of Parliament and members of Milton Keynes Council expressing grave concern about the number of knife carrying criminal drug dealing gangs which operate freely across Milton Keynes. How many replied ? NOBODY !

Following the Emerson Valley Murders Deputy Leader of Milton Keynes Council, Hannah O'Neil, announced she was in control of a £180,000 fund to combat knife crime in Milton Keynes. How is money meant to combat knife crime. The criminal drug dealing gangs of Milton Keynes make that much money in a week !  Hannah O'Neil failed to give me the courtesy of a reply. I wrote again, her discourtesy continued.  This unfortunate person was too busy climbing the political pole as the Labour candidate for Milton Keynes South in yesterday's general election to care about knife crime. She lost the election ! I am NOT saying the Fishermead murder happened because she failed to act, probably not, but as she considers her failure to win the election I hope it weighs on her conscience.

The day before this latest murder I wrote to the new Area Police Commander for Milton Keynes asking to meet asking to discuss the knife carrying criminal gangs of Milton Keynes. With a third murder case and four dead he has a lot on his plate.

How many local authorities in Britain can boast a major drug dealing centre adjacent to its civic offices and central library. MILTON KEYNES CAN.

How many local authorities in Britain can boast their Mayor's civic charity has a drug camp operating adjacent to its location ?  MILTON KEYNES CAN FOR TWO YEARS RUNNING !

Last year's Mayor selected The Bus Station MK caring for homeless rough-sleepers. In July when taking part in an overnight walk with a team we found a major drug camp immediately behind this charity in Campbell Park. Coming up to date a major dealer meets addicts every day in the area. He has with him a knife carrying body guard.

This year's Mayor supports YMCA MK. The YMCA Bridge, adjacent to the YMCA and a few hundred yards from Thames Valley Central Milton Keynes Police Station is another drug dealing centre.  Weeks ago I found a drug camp there.  I have given up telling the authorities of its location, nobody acres !

This is a sickening situation. WAKE UP MILTON KEYNES !

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