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A Gallery Of Love

In preparing playlists for my five weekly radio programmes I like to be working three weeks ahead of myself, it would be nice to achieve four weeks but that seldom happens.

I have, therefore, been playing Christmas music for weeks and am heartily sick of listening to it. Can't wait until 27th December when all Christmas music is banned until December 2020.  Roy mate, I can not agree with your sentiment !

As we approach Christmas, before I abandon all that annoying music, let me celebrate the SMILES of The Sunshine Smile Crew this festive season and THANK YOU ALL for your smiles of love during 2019. 
Every day on the radio we have featured ROCKING FOR THE FOOD BANK playing three songs as we encourage listeners to support their local Food Bank in the run up to Christmas. Since becoming a local Councillor I have , every Friday, taken gifts direct to the distribution centre at Saint Andrews Baptist Church. Here's the first song I play in the feature:
I am told that the coconuts I take in along with the bananas are the most popular items on the bonus table.

Yesterday I was heading up the M1 immediately after broadcasting the show to deliver our Secret Santa gifts so I arranged to leave this week's bananas and coconuts on the step of Saint Andrews Baptist Church.

Here's the third track in our Rocking For The Food Bank feature:
In January we will start working towards a new project: A TON OF TINS FOR THE FOOD BANK which we will run over Lent. CLICK HERE for the plan.

Our Smile Cards are put out at the distribution centre and I am told they are always picked up. This week we will have more than one hundred of our cards picked up by people as we outwork our mission for every member of The Sunshine Smile Crew every say to make someone smile.

I have an idea to lift our Smile Card to a new and much higher level in 2020 but I'll come to that in a moment.

Crew member June posted this on our Facebook Page, isn't it lovely ?

This is Ronald McDonald House eight in the centre of Birmingham. Its 65 rooms offer free accommodation to families with a child sick in Birmingham Chldrens' Hospital.

Yesterday we took Secret Santa 2019 gifts to the children. This is our third year of operation. 

There are 365 Ronald McDonald Houses round the world, each one of them a HOUSE OF LOVE. We concentrate our support to Birmingham where the adjacent hospital treats children from all over the country, indeed some are airlifted from Europe.

CLICK HERE and read how I was involved in meeting a little boy who was airlifted to England for a kidney transplant.

Back to our Smile Card. From the 365 Ronald McDonald Houses round the world I have picked out ALBERTA in Canada, LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK in USA, CANBERRA in Australia and AUCKLAND in New Zealand.

Starting with Canada in January then by the end of March to have brought in the other four, not forgetting Birmingham of course, I want to be putting into every house our Smile Card for every family. BUT I want the card to be a bit different.
King Of Smiles - Stewart Bailey gave us the Smile Card. I have four on a sheet of A4 paper. I print out
copies then laminate them and cut the sheet into four. I want to change that. Instead of printing on paper I will print on card. I then want people to take one or two cards, to write a message of love on the back, perhaps getting children or grandchildren to draw a picture, only then will I laminate them, cut the sheets up and have our Smile Cards ready to send round the world.
Will your family draw some love on the back of the cards.

I want to talk with Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails to ask him and his friends how we can take their inspiration into the lives of families on these six branches of Ronald McDonald.

Our music sponsors Piggie Alfie and he, or should I say his representative, will be joining me on the radio on New Years Day.

Many of our Sunshine Smile Crew members work in our NHS. I want you to take our Smile Cards into the hospitals where you care for patients and leave them for people to pick up.

2020 is going to be an exciting year for us with projects TeenHeroMK and Melting Pot developing a vast new community of blood and organ donors.

Don't forget Project Womble. We have been accepted by the Justice Department to have a community payback team clear all the cigarette buts in the NON SMOKING site of University Hospital Milton Keynes.

Inspired by the support and love The Sunshine Smile Crew gives to our homeless and rough-sleeping friends West Bletchley Community Centre invited uses to make a donation to the work of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. We have just passed over £120 of love.

Our support for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter will continue in 2020 but Madam Destiny took us into Dreamsai. CLICK HERE for a blog page I wrote explaining the footpath Dreamsai has taken us along. I know for certain that Madam Destiny had big plans for us to work with Dreamsai this coming year.

When I speak saying our homeless rough-sleeping friends I do not use the word friends flippantly. The guests at Dreamsai's weekly LUNCH OF LOVE are my friends.  I so much love spending time in their company.

I deliberately waited until after today's Lunch of Love - Saturday 21st December - before publishing this
page. I wanted to report on the day. It really was a beautiful time, I was so busy soaking up the time that I sis not take many pictures. Here's a picture of the Freebie Box. Could you add a few bits and pieces of love to the box.

Julie brought along to little helpers as did others.  When we say that Dreamsai is a family we mean in in every sense of the word.

We had ten guests today who were able to enjoy a relaxing meal in a loving atmosphere of love.

In the New Year we must add a table of clothes for our guests. Coats, jumpers, trainers, gloves, hats. Could you add something ?

Madam Destiny is starting to tap us all on the shoulder and say LOOK AT THIS. THIS is Somewhere Safe to stay Hub.  In the summer I took part in an overnight walk across Milton Keynes trying to locate where our homeless rough-sleeping friends were staying. The
organisation I was working with impressed me so much. There are wonderful organisations like Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter doing a lovely job, there is right across society compassion for our friends who are forced to rough-sleep but there tends to be a lack of understanding. Being homeless and forced to rough-sleep is NOT the illness, it is only a symptom
of a serious illness. Putting a roof over a person's head does not solve the problem. That organisation I spent time with in the summer DOES understand the problem.

When I received an e-mail inviting me to tour this
new Somewhere Safe to stay Hub I was proud to have been invited and excited that perhaps The Sunshine Smile Crew could help.

I am visiting 11am on Wednesday 22nd January. Why don't you come with me ?

I have known this building for a very long time. When
I was head of year at Leon School it was The Womens' Aid Hostel, better known as The Battered Wives Home. Yes, I did have one or two of my teenagers staying there. Now for me this will always be The Bridge House. Not from my novel The Bridge House but from
what I am always saying is the best piece of music ever written, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel.

Before you listen to Simon and Garfunkel here's a picture of The Bridge House.

Can I talk for a moment about hair ?  My hair. Let's have a piece of music from the HAIR the beautiful hippie musical.

Sunshine Smile Day 2018 - my sponsored haircut.

Picture one Sunshine Smile Day and my haircut

Then below 2019.

What about 2020 ?

Sunshine Smile Day falls on Tuesday 19th May. I had grand plans for a mega event and getting into the Guinness Book of Records but I do not think
we have the people to make it happen. I then though just to forget it but my hair is growing so should we  do  something ?  Small scale perhaps. What do you think ?

Ahead of 2018 I went to San Francisco and posed on
Hippie Mount in Hippie Park. I was the only hippie there !

Can I please play a bit of hippie music ?

The Sunshine Smile Crew we have together achieved so much in the almost three years we have been operating.

Elvis Presley said AMBITION is a dream fitted with a V8 engine.
The Geriatric DJ says  REALITY is ambition fitted with a turbo charger.

In 2020 I want my own personal role to develop into a CAMPAIGNER.

With Sherry I will be campaigning for better support for vulnerable adults. This includes addicts who are the victims of criminal drug dealers, homeless rough-sleepers, those suffering with depression and mental anxiety. I will be campaigning to raise awareness right across The Sunshine Smile Crew's portfolio
of activities. Activities designed to make people smile, be happy and show love.

But what is the point of doing all this ?  Smiling and showing love ?  What is the point when Climate Cowboys every day are destroying the world we live in ? There is no bigger CLIMATE COWBOY THAN MILTON KEYNES !

Wars across the centuries have not brought ARMAGEDDON but we are racing towards it now with little chance of escape - ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON.

Milton Keynes is destroying our wildlife. Milton Keynes is destroying our planet.

I will be campaigning to stop all this silly talk about electric vehicles and banning diesel cars. Pussy footing ! We can reverse climate change by doing
three things.


I will be campaigning for common sense to shut down the CLIMATE COWBOYS OF CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES.  I plan to pick them off one by one starting with Milton Keynes Council which leaves its lights blazing 24/7/365 !

2. TREES !  Milton Keynes was built as a City of Trees. There are 80 trees in Milton Keynes for every head of population. Across the world that figure is measured in thousands. YES and there are not enough. Britain has the lowest percentage acreage of trees among all countries in Europe.

Trees are the lungs of the world. One acre of woodland can neutralise the carbon emissions of THREE cars in a year.

Who is old enough to remember the national campaign PLANT A TREE IN '73 - PLANT SOME MORE

Milton Keynes Development Corporation set down in tablets of stone - NO BUILDING SHALL BE TALLER THAN THE SURROUNDING TREES. Milton Keynes Council TRASHED that and in so doing created numerous Climate Cowboys.  I will be campaigning to call for this folly to be exposed and despised.

3. STOP EATING MEAT ! Until two years ago I was a meat eater. I am now a vegetarian, I could never eat an animal - I would rather eat myself. The mass production of meat for human consumption is the greatest single contributor to global warming.  I will
be campaigning for people to stop eating meat. My first target will be the vegetarian totally unfriendly Weatherspoon chain to revise its menu.


This is the very first track I played on Radio CRMK....

On 3rd January 2020 I will celebrate my 250th show. When I spoke with Programme Controller Mike before joining the station I said I had twin passions - A love of music and a love of people. I have always had these passions............

Right now we have 60 people in The Sunshine Smile Crew - AN AMBITION IS ONLY A DREAM WITH A V8 ENGINE.........
REALITY IS ONLY AMBITION FITTED WITH A TURBO CHARGER.What could we achieve if we had 600 members ?  6,000 ? In 2020. 2020 Vision !

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