Sunday, 29 December 2019

2020 Vision For Dreamsai

Over the coming days I will be talking a lot about 2020 vision. Medically this means you have perfect eyesight.

On Wednesday it will be the Year 2020. I want members of The Sunshine Smile Crew to adopt this idea of 2020 Vision both for the projects we have ready and waiting for the New Year but also I want us to open the eyes of as many people as possible, making them aware of others around them. I want here to apply 2020 Vision to Dreamsai.

Let me tell you about last Saturday's Lunch of Love, talk about things we need - IN PARTICULAR OPENING OUR CLOTHING TABLE, how we can help Dreamsai widen its
welcome, how we can make more people smile and how YOU can bring your love ?

OK last Saturday - Saturday 28th December 2019. Something very special happened to me, two of our regular gusts did not just walk up to me and say HI, they threw open their arms and gave me an enormous hug. I can still feel the warmth of those loving arms around me and tears are tickling the back of my eyes as I type these words.

One of those two, a man with a very dry sense of humour but one who always makes me smile, said: How many days a week to you play this rubbish music on the radio ?  Git ! Each Saturday the podcast from my Thursday show Dave's Disco is played at the Lunch of Love.  CLICK HERE, listen to a show and see if you think it is rubbish !

Meet SUNSHINE SMILE CREW MEMBER Julie aka Queen Of The Kettle. I thought I had a brilliant idea for Julie's kettle last Saturday. I splashed out on a stack of lottery scratch cards, she gave one out with every cup of tea and coffee. Guess what ? Not a single winner !  Morrissons I'm bringing them back for a refund.

This week I will NOT be buying any con-man scratch cards but instead some bits and pieces for a Lottery of Love. With each drink Julie will hand out a tombola ticket, everyone a winner.

Some of our guests are homeless rough-sleepers. For a few weeks I have been asking for donations of clothing: JACKETS - TRAINERS - GLOVES - CAPS/HATS - JUMPERS but my words have been falling on deaf ears. I do not want to have black sack after black sack of stuff - just a few of the above given in LOVE.

When we carried our Freebie Box into The Buzzy for the lunch it was heavy, taking it back to the car it was almost empty. The bottles of Lucozade and cans of energy drinks were very popular.  I saw one man take a teddy bear. 

Soap, deodorants and more were given in love and taken in love. Will your love put some gifts of love into the box.

Sunshine Smile Crew member STEWART BAILEY aka the
King of Smiles kick started our Freebie Box. Stewart also gave us our Smile Card. These are given out every Saturday. 

Another thought - I know its a bit of rubbish these day but where can you find a copy of MK Citizen ?  I thought it would be good to have some newspapers out and about for guests to read.

So what is Dreamsai ? What is this Lunch of Love ? I can not tell you how proud I am to be part of the Dreamsai Family, Saturday is the highlight of my week. Every Saturday, 12.30pm to 1.30pm we throw open the doors of The Buzzy for guests to come inside and enjoy a Lunch of Love, food members of the family have cooked in their homes during the morning.  BUZZY - Unity Park Bus Station opposite Central Milton Keynes Railway Station. Our Lunch of Love is open to anyone. We have homeless rough-sleeping friends, we have guests who are down on their luck, we have friends who are lonely and want some company. It does not matter if you have 1p or an American Express Gold Card in you pocket you are welcome.

Our Lunch of Love is the base for The Walk of Love where members of the family take food parcels out to homeless rough-sleepers, to YMCA MK, to all kinds of areas where
there are people who need our love.

Last Saturday we had six guests, the week before ten. Dreamsai would open the doors if there was just one guest but there are many, many, many people in Milton Keynes we need to reach out to and bring them in.  We have had people put others in their cards and
bring them to The Buzzy. Do you know someone who is lonely, feeling sad ? Do you know someone who is suffering from depression ? Do you know someone who is hungry ?  Turn your car into a TAXI OF LOVE and bring them along.

2020 Vision - Starting Saturday 4th January let's turn the decades into THE ROARING TWENTIES.

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