Saturday, 9 November 2019

What is the plural of help ?

What is the plural of help ?  - More than one help ?

We need your HELPS....

Hey Oxford University there's a new word for your dictionary - HELPS - we need your HELPS.

The Sunshine Smile Crew needs YOU to helps... 

SANTA needs your help.  SAI needs your help. SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY FC needs your help. HELPS - plural.

Santa's sleigh is starting to fill with gifts of soft toys to add to the tree at Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham, gifts for children from all over the country who will be in Birmingham Childrens Hospital this Christmas.

SANTA needs your help to pack his sleigh.

To add your love to Santa's sleigh visit SECRET SANTA on our website.

Remember this from last Christmas ?

Our very own Mini Libs.

Here they are......

SAI needs your help.

Yesterday was the weekly Dreamsai lunch at The Buzzy - Unity Park Bus Station. Did you catch the DREAMSAI PODCAST ?

Three of us - The Geriatric DJ, Jelena and Julie went along to help Sai.

We played music from last Monday's radio show - CHECK IT OUT.

While I played the music Jelena talked with those who came in for something to eat and for some friendship. Julie made tea and coffee then sat down to talk with and comfort a lady who needed friendship.

There were many people at Dreamsai yesterday. I had to smile as many bopped to the music.

I have been taking a few items of clothing along for friends. Yesterday a lovely man took a coat.  I was asked for shoes but did not have any.

We don't need to be inundated with bags of clothes but we do need coats, jumpers, jogging bottom and
shoes/trainers. It's cold out there, many of our friends are homeless rough-sleepers. SAI needs your help.

Just message me or drop me an e-mail:

At Dreamsai next week I will be playing the podcast from Tuesday's show featuring Simon and Garfunkel.

SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY need your help. Yep, they could do with a bit of help winning games but that's
not the help we are looking for.

The two goals scored yesterday came from Morgan Fox and from Ferdinand Fosteri.

Did you read my last blog - CLICK HERE

The Geriatric DJ is a Wednesday Owl, I never broadcast a single song on the radio without my Sheffield Wednesday Scarf.

Between now and Christmas, every week I plan to take a box of fruit to the Food Bank at St Andrews Church, a box of gifts from a Sheffield Wednesday fan on behalf of the players who score the goals.

Would you like to add some apples, pears, bananas or whatever to the gift ?

THANK YOU Stewart Bailey for sending us beautiful pictures every day. Every member of The Sunshine Smile Crew every day is tasked with making at least one person smile.  Stewart your pictures are at the centre of generating those smiles.

So will you SMILE and HELPS - plural ?

Help Santa - Help Sai - Help Sheffield Wednesday ?

Oxford University make sure you update your dictionary and include this new word HELPS.

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