Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Thank You

I said yesterday that I had a busy day ahead of me and I needed the strength of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW behind me if it was to be a success.

I had that support - THANK YOU. Thank You Sunshine Crew Member Stewart for today's lead picture.

Yes indeed, yesterday was a very busy day for me and that means today is going to be busy again as I follow up on all that happened. Some exciting things are happening for those of us who are members of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW.

Did you know the moon    smiles as well as the sun ?  Here is the moon shining over the radio station as I arrived at 5am this morning.

Did you catch my Armistice Day radio show yesterday - THEY GAVE THEIR YOUNG LIVES SO WE COULD LIVE OUR OLD LIVES.  If you didn't check out the PODCAST

Today's show, Tuesday Terrific Tunes, features the legendary
folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel. The PODCAST for this show will be played at Food For Sai on Saturday. Last Saturday Dreamsai - 12.30pm to 1.30pm at The Buzzy (Unity Park Bus Station) was very special. SUNSHINE SMILE CREW MEMEBERS Julie and Jelena joined those wonderful people who make up Dreamsai.

Julie established herself as Queen Of The Kettle frantically making cups of tea and coffee trying to keep up with the
guests thirst.

If you would like to join Food For Sai this coming Saturday the welcome mat is out and I know you will find it a lovely experience.

We need a few items of clothing for guests. Do you have any coats/jackets, jumpers, trainers which you do not want but could bring physical comfort to those who need them.

After yesterday's radio show broadcast and the podcast published it was time for me to go down  to Fenny Stratford and the firing of the Fenny Poppers. For the past two years I have fired a popper so wore ear defenders. This year I was able to watch on, watch on without ear defenders. OMG those mini cannon are loud !

SUNSHINE SMILE CREW member Andy is a great fan of
Fenny Poppers, after the firing he took me to look at the wreaths laid on Fenny War Memorial. He was very keen to show me the lovely display of poppies made by local children. Andy pointed out to me several names on the war memorial and spoke of their families still living in the area today.


Leaving Fenny Poppers I met up with SUNSHINE SMILE CREW member Mondiera then together we went to talk with the Imam of our local mosque. We were both nervous, Mondeira perhaps more than I. When the Imam started
quoting the Quran I wondered how much we were going to achieve. However, as he started to interpret the Quran I realised just how much were were in tune and thinking alike. I can assure you in 2020 some very special things will be happening.

It took me about 15 minutes to drive home. When I arrived home there were FOUR e-mails waiting for me from this lovely man, The Imam of our local mosque.

Compare that with Milton Keynes Council's Deputy Leader Hannah O'Neil who administers a £180,000 fund to deal with
knife crime in Milton Keynes, supposedly setting up preventative initiatives - SUPPOSEDLY. I wrote to her on 28th October - TWO weeks ago. She has FAILED to respond to my letter.

Four e-mails from the Imam in 15 minutes, an important letter ignored by a Milton Keynes Councillor for two weeks. You tell me which of these is caring for our community.

It is, of course, Milton Keynes Council that is claiming it
wants to be the greenest authority not just in the country but the world.

On the way to the studio this morning I dropped off a letter to The Mayor's Office. Milton Keynes Council Library and Milton Keynes Council Civic Offices were blazing lights as they had been so doing all night, as they do every night working hard to destroy
our planet.

A thought on this subject - it is YOUR council tax and MY council tax Milton Keynes Council is using to destroy our planet.

OK, on to something POSITIVE.  I have just taken Jake for
his morning walk.

While we were out a post lady smiled at us and wished Jake and I a good morning. We chatted a we walked along and she delivered letters to the various houses.  I have always said that postmen AND women are the happiest and cheerful people you can meet. No matter what the weather they are always out and
about working hard. Not like a certain council member who lacks the good manners to answer an important letter.  Not like Milton Keynes Council claiming it wants to be the greenest authority in the world yet every day uses your and my council tax to destroy the planet !

I have a mountain of admin work to do but before I do anything I am going to write to the head postmaster for Milton Keynes to celebrate that lovely lady.

So all you people in THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW members THANKS for your support yesterday. Now get out there today and follow that post lady's example MAKE PEOPLE SMILE.

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