Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Sharing LOVE

I love my life !

I love working 65+ hours a week.

I have so many wonderful friends.

I am a very, very lucky old man.

But I do have a regret !  Yep a big regret in my life right now.

That regret is the fact that I am not currently finding time to write a daily blog. The last edition was on 26th October and here we are on 5th November.


It takes me about an hour to write a blog. Today I just have to spend as many hours as I need to share some love with you.

Have a listen to the PODCAST for today's show as I write. Go on CLICK AND LISTEN.

I am always at the radio station early, today I was a little earlier than usual as I prepared not for one
guest to join me on the show but for three - perhaps that should be four.

In the dark I could hear an owl hooting. Although I had much to do I just stood there and listened. How lovely, what a beautiful start to my day.
You are listening to today's PODCAST aren't you ?

You will hear me talking about re-inventing the wheel.

I engage with a number of different organisations as I seek to out work the mission of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW to make people smile and be happy.  It was on Friday 20th September when I was working in YMCA MK that somebody said to me that she thought I should
meet with someone she knew. That person was LAXAMN.

Here is Laxman in the radio station with me this morning. Laxman and I are now good friends.

Laxman co-ordinates an organisation called DREAMSAI.  Re-inventing the wheel ?  I was hoping to get Laxman and Dreamsai to help me with projects THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW is operating and wants to operate.

DREAMSAI is already doing what I wanted The Sunshine Smile Crew to do.  Now working together, hand in hand, we are helping each other. What is special is I and The Sunshine Smile Crew are now giving to Dreamsai something it did not have before Laxman and I met and Dreamsai is giving much which The Sunshine Smile Crew did not previously have.

As you listen to the PODCAST - you are listening aren't you ?  You will hear me quote a line from a poem, quote it a few times....


For me DESTINY is that all seeing force which binds the university together.  Destiny set up this morning's radio show. Destiny brought Laxman and I together.

There were four of us in the radio station this morning or were there actually five ?
Sai passed away in 1918. His teaching then had a few hundred followers. Today Sai has almost ten million people following his teaching.

This is not a religion it is an outlook on life.  In the show you will hear me say that Sai said to me:  OI

My passion is to make people smile and to be happy. That is what Sai is doing, doing through some lovely projects his teaching is inspiring.

Sai I am so pleased you joined us in the studio of Radio CRMK today. I hope you enjoyed the music I played. I know you heard this on the show but can I play it again...

And now let me play that poem I spoke about so many times during today's show.

The morning began with an owl hooting in the trees. 

This is a beautiful world is it not ?

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