Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Loving your fellow man - WHAT'S THE POINT ?

I work between 60 and 65 hours a week....

I broadcast music on the radio for 10 of those hours - music to make people smile and be happy.....

The rest of my time I run a series of projects supporting people in many different areas of need.....


  • It's November and it's not cold. October was the mildest on record in the UK. 
  • 25th July recorded the highest ever temperature in the UK.  
  • Four days later the world had used up all of the resources it would create in 2019, ever since we have been in negative equity. 
What is the point of loving people if the world in which we all live will soon be destroyed ?

A noble effort but one which will never be achieved. It could be achieved - BULLDOZE FLAT CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES AND PLANT A FOREST OF TREES - problem solved.

Over the next few days I plan to be out and about during the early hours of the morning in Central
Milton Keynes naming and shaming those who are working flat out to destroy our planet.

Let's start by exposing the hypocrisy of Milton Keynes Council itself.   This picture of the library was taken at 4.10am today. The library closed 6pm last night and does not reopen until  11.30am today so why are the lights all night long ? Why is Milton Keynes Council using the library to help destroy our planet ?

Security !  Oh yes, I forgot the knife wielding criminal drug dealers from the street adjacent to Central
Milton Keynes Library need to be able to see what they are doing don't they !


This is how the original text ran but since publication this  company has done the right thing and turned its lights off. WELL DONE.
Just down the road from the library is SCHMIDT BESPOKE KITCHENS destroyer of our planet. Anyone who buys anything from this company which leaves such an excess of lights blazing all night is aiding and abetting Central Milton Keynes efforts to destroy the planet.  Until this irresponsible company adopts a more responsible attitude 

What is the life of a bespoke kitchen anyway ?  25 years ?  

If Schmidt had its way would there still be a planet left in 2044 for that kitchen to exist in ?

THANK YOU SCHMIDT - now everyone else follow their example.

Now here is the biggest destroyer of the planet within the entire Central Milton Keynes area.

A second view behind the trees on Marlborough Street.

It was set down in tablets of stone by Milton Keynes Development Corporation that no building should be taller than the surrounding trees. Other then in Central Milton Keynes that rule applies but NOT IN CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES.


This planet destroyer was the first building in Milton
Keynes to trash the plan of Milton Keynes Development Corporation. If you love our planet, if you understand the need to change the direction of Earth Overshoot Day then boycott this planet-destroying monstrosity and send it hurtling into bankruptcy.

The camera will be out and about again tomorrow but right now NAME AND SHAME...

Milton Keynes Library
Schmidt Bespoke Kitchens

Share their shame as widely as possible on social media. FORCE THEM TO SWITCH OFF THEIR LIGHTS.

Stop trying to protect the planet - instead build a world which looks after its own planet. What is the point of trying to love those who live on the planet when the likes of these three are destroying our home ?

Theses destroyers of our world have been names and shamed on: Twitter, Facebook, Google Reviews and Trip Adviser.  

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