Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Friday 13th

By tradition of FRIDAY 13th is an unlucky day. It never is of course, it's just a bit of silly suspicion, but Friday 13th December 2019 is going to be the most unlucky day since Adam and Eve munched on an apple in the Garden of Eden !

Britain, the Mother of Democracy, has not had a working democracy for three years. Parliament is broken and politicians of all parties have firmly established themselves as lower life forms. These lower life forms have made our country into the laughing stock of the world, they have plunged us into chaos and one thing is certain FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER will lift that chaos to a new and higher level.

Have you got election burn out ?  Are you sick, tired and totally fed up with politicians pontificating towards the general election on Thursday 12th December ? Are you as certain as I am that FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER when the results of the election is known this will be the unluckiest day since one dinosaur said to another:   What's that shooting star in the sky ?

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY which does not comprehend
that at the end of its policies are real people.
THE LABOUR PARTY which knows full well there are real people but could not care less about them as it plays with its own politics.
THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY which does not believe in democracy.

Bold statements but let me share examples from my own life which prove what I am saying and prove that all politicians are lower life forms.

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY:  I wrote personally to every single Tory member of Milton Keynes Council regarding the
knife carrying drug dealers who go about their daily business without fear.  I wrote to both of our Tory members of Parliament, NOBODY REPLIED.  I wrote to Boris Johnson, I wrote to The Health Secretary, I wrote to The Justice Secretary. NOT ONE OF THEM REPLIED.  Drugs continue to be readily available within Milton Keynes, the best place to find a dealer is adjacent to Milton Keynes Civic Offices. Three people are dead in Milton Keynes after being stabbed
with knives and still it would appear that Conservative politicians have yet to notice ! Notice ?  Or is it just that they do not care ?

I wrote to The Environment Secretary regarding the obscene Climate Cowboys of Central Milton Keynes. I did get a reply but I have yet to find the right person to translate that letter into plain English !

The Conservative Party = A LOWER FORM OF LIFE

THE LABOUR PARTY: Headed by Jeremy Corbyn who has a record decades long of anti-British activity. Jeremy Corbyn who we are warned by a former intelligence chief is a danger to national security. Jeremy Corbyn who we are told by loyal
members of his party is not fit to lead our country.

The Labour Party manifesto which even Walt Disney could not animate into a plausible fairy story.

What kind of mentality allows a person to belong to such a political party ?

We have The Chief Rabbi telling us that Jeremy Corbyn is not a fit person to hold office.

Let me direct your attention to Labour Party member and deputy leader of Milton Keynes Council. Following the recent double knife murder this person was put in charge of a fund of £180,000 to prevent further knife crime. £180,000 that is £12,000 more than Milton Keynes Council pays to its Chief Executive !

I wrote to this person, I gave her documentation I had previously given to members of the Conservative Party. I asked if we could meet. She did not give me the courtesy of a reply !  I wrote again. Her bad manners ignored that second letter. What was it I said earlier ?   The Labour Party knows full well there are real people but could not care less about them as it plays with its own politics.

This person is now a Labour Party candidate in the general election. Obviously far too busy playing politics in the shadow of Jeremy Corbyn to be in the least bit interested in real people.

The Labour Party = A LOWER FORM OF LIFE

Now for the most ridiculous party of all THE LIBERAL
DEMOCRATIC PARTY:  There is only one thing more frightening than Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and that is the gobby cow who leads The Liberal (ANTI) Democratic Party getting hold of the keys to Number 10 Downing Street.

Anyone who campaigns against democracy is a traitor. To campaign under the banner of democracy to destroy democracy is a treason.  Traitors belong in the Tower of London !

I recently received this from the Liberal ANTI Democratic Party. Allow me to analyse it.

First of all why have I received it ?  I HAVE never voted against democracy in my life and while I have attempted to engage with the failing Conservative and Labour parties I have never wasted my breath on this disreputable ANTI DEMOCRATIC party ! Do I look like a traitor to my country ?

Where did this ANTI DEMOCRATIC organisation get my name and address from ?  Not the electoral roll where I am listed as David John Bekah Ashford - NOT David Ashford. My listing on the electoral roll has the box ticked saying I do not give permission for my name to be used for marketing
and spam purposes. My name can only be in possession of this ANTI DEMOCRATIC organisation by way of a breach of data protection.

The voting age is 18, how old is the child featured in the ANTI Democratic Liberal Party campaign leaflet ?  NOTE THE CHILD IS HOLDING A LIBERAL ANTI DEMOCRAT BANNER ! Is he 8 years old ? He certainly is not 18 ! I find it so wrong that this antic democratic party is exploiting a child in this way.

Anyone who says they are a DEMOCRAT yet campaigns against DEMOCRACY has to be  a TRAITOR to democracy and to Britain The Mother of Democracy. There is only one place for traitors and that is The Tower of London.  SERIOUSLY, if I had my way every single member of the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PARTY would rot in a cell deep inside The Tower Of London.  Every single one of them WITHOUT EXCEPTION !

The Liberal Democrat Party = A LOWER FORM OF LIFE

Polls currently show The Conservative Party in the lead.
But the lead is not big enough to win a majority, to form a government and end the chaos we have had to endure for the past three years.

FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER 2019 will announce CHAOS. Armageddon ?

Monday, 25 November 2019



Santa's sleigh will not be visiting any establishment within Central Milton Keynes this Christmas.

Rudolph lights the way for Santa's Sleigh, there is no need for the obscene overnight lighting of Central Milton Keynes.  Mrs Claus has been trying to purchase sunglasses for her husband, Rudolph and the rest of the team to wear but nothing with powerful enough lenses could be found to dim down the light pollution of Central Milton Keynes.

Santa's workshop operates every day of the year in preparation for the night of 25th December but Christmas officially commences on the first day of Advent - Sunday 1st December. It does not commence on Saturday 16th November when Central Milton Keynes turned on its Christmas lights. Obviously a
commercial decision but this has only served for Santa to instruct his little helpers not to purchase anything from The Centre MK and The Intu. Both have their lights blazing throughout the night, every night doing their bit to destroy our planet.

Christ The Cornerstone has got in on the act as it works to raise its carbon footprint with Three Unwise Men. No wise man would ever burn electricity all night !

Once upon a time within Milton Keynes no building was allowed to be taller than the surrounding trees. Long Forgotten. At The North Pole
there IS a policy that no building shall be taller than the surrounding icebergs. While Central Milton Keynes works to melt these icebergs Santa will boycott Central Milton Keynes. If you love our planet you will do the same.

Boycott Central Milton Keynes until those operating there start adopting a more responsible attitude and stop destroying our planet.

All photographs of Central Milton Keynes were taken between 4.20am and 4.30am on Monday 25th November 2019.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

El Condor Passa

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I fell out of bed at 4.30am and slipped back into bed at 9.20pm. After broadcasting yesterday's show it was a case of meeting after meeting. Oh boy do I have some follow up and catching up work to do today.

So here I an in the radio station, 5.30am, and set to go live in half an hour with my show Tuesday Terrific Tunes.  Today I am featuring two hours of lovely
country music. But back to yesterday....

One of those meetings was with the committee of our local golf club.  I am not a golfer myself but Windmill Hill falls within my ward as a West Bletchley Councillor and I want to learn more about what goes on there.

It really was a lovely time spent in the company of
some lovely people. As we chatted I looked out of the window at the course, I looked at the trees and the landscape. I can remember back in the early 1970's Milton Keynes Development Corporation building Windmill Hill. The Development Corporation would be proud of Windmill Hill, sadly there are places within the new city it would be thoroughly ashamed of.

I am pleased to live within West Bletchley and feel it has to be one of if not the greenest space in Milton Keynes. Within West Bletchley Windmill Hill has to be the greenest individual space.  I have been wondering how many trees there are on Windmill Hill, the answer is FAR TOO MANY TO COUNT.

They are very new to the area but already the Red Kites who soar above our heads have become a legend. EL CONDOR PASSA - the title of a Simon and Garfunkel track - translated it means WHEN THE CONDOR PASSES EVERYONE STOPS AND WATCHES - In West Bletchley... When the Red Kite passes everyone stops to watch. Some of those Red Kites have made Windmill Hill their home. I guess that makes me their Councillor.

How much more wildlife has made Windmill Hill its home ?  There, I am told, are newts and deer. I am just going to have to wander round, wander with my camera and find out.

5.59am - I had better get ready to start broadcasting.  I'll pick up and finish this blog when I get home.  9.14am - I am home and the podcast from today is now available. CLICK HERE and join

Last week I met with The Imam of our local Mosque, great meeting within our Melting Pot project. He said that god created all life and put man at the top.  I am going to change that a little: god made all life and put man in charge of taking care of everything. But man is not taking care of our world is it ?


Within Milton Keynes who is building a world which will take care of itself ? NOBODY !  All are too busy trying to destroy our world.

The Climate Cowboys of Central Milton Keynes or Windmill Hill - who do you support ?

El Condor Passa....

When the condor passes everyone stops and watches.

When the red kite passed by the golfers stop playing and watch. The Red Kites nest at Windmill Hill not in Central Milton Keynes. The Red Kites fly over Windmill Hill - THEY DO NOT FLY OVER CLIMATE UNFRIENDLY CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES

Viva West Bletchley.......

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Do it - do it do it again with LOVE

Love, peace and good will towards all men.....


I don't think so ! Do you ?

Christmas starts now some time in October when retailers attempt to upstage one another as they extract money from your pockets.  It is also the time when "charities" do the same.

Last week I walked down a local high street and saw the way the "charity" shops were trying to get money from shoppers. Each trying to out do the others and all trying to out do the traditional high street shops.

Such shops are not charities as I understand the word, they are commercial operations. If you spend £1 in such a shop please do not think that £1 will do directly to the people you want to support. NO. There is one particular national chain where just 19p in every £1 spent over the counter actually helps those you are seeking to support.


In a commercial charity I question if there is actually any room for love. These are business operations.

What is The Sunshine Smile Crew doing this Christmas - DOING WITH LOVE.

Now in our THIRD year of operation we have SECRET SANTA where we are taking gifts to children who will be sick, seriously
ill, in hospital over Christmas. Gifts of love for Santa's Sleigh are  now coming in EVERY day.

On 20th December we will be taking the gifts to Ronald McDonald House attached to Birmingham Hospital. Children with serious illnesses come from all over the country to Birmingham for specialist treatment, indeed some air
air lifted from Europe.

It is very hard to have a child sick in hospital at any time. It is harder when that time is at Christmas. When that hospital is far away from home, perhaps even in another country, the hardship for families is beyond words. Ronald McDonald House puts loving arms around the
families, gives free accommodation and an abundance of love to those families.

Every gift of love you make will be given in love to a family in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

I will pay the cost of the fuel for delivering the gifts, indeed I am combining delivery with a family visit. DO NOT think that Ronald McDonald is a commercial charity - it is NOT.  EVERY penny given to Ronald McDonald is used in love with families. Over Christmas there will be 64 families in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

YES, there has been recent a TV advert running for Ronald McDonald House but not a penny given to the charity funded that. It was donated in love by McDonald's Restaurants.

Ronald McDonald House doing it in LOVE.

On Christmas Day my radio show will have tracks dedicated to specific families in Ronald McDonald House Birmingham and indeed to every family in the 365 houses in 64 different countries of the world.

The radio show on Christmas Eve will be celebrating the love and work of The Food Bank.

In the New Year we will have a special project for The Food Bank, we are planning this right now. From now until Christmas I am taking some fresh food to one specific local outlet
for The Food Bank. I am having a bit of fun using the goals Sheffield Wednesday score to inspire this sponsorship. The Geriatric DJ, of course, is a firm Sheffield Wednesday fan !

Which football team do you support ? Would you like to add something to this Friday Love on behalf of the goals your team score ?   Turn the goals the team score to secure their position in the league into goals of love for The Food Bank.


I am going to play a football anthem now. Sheffield Wednesday has not one but two anthems !  The most famous football anthem is of course Liverpool's YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE. I am going to play that but the Black Lace version. 

Before Gerry And The Pacemakers Black Lace sing Rod Stewart's Sailing:

We are all sailing along on life's ocean. The sea is
calm and the sun is shining. Life is good. But when the storms come, when the waves crash against the boat and there is a danger of sinking it is then we need friends who will put arms around us and say: Do not worry, I am here - you'll never walk alone.

Walk on.......

Walking. That brings me to talk about DREAMSAI and its walk of love.

Dreamsai does not need money or support in what we consider traditional forms. Dreamsai is LOVE - that's all it is. To increase its work it needs more people to bring in their love.

At Food For Sai on Saturday lunchtime Sunshine Smile Crew member Julie has established herself as Queen of The Kettle making tea and coffee for
guests. My role is to play music and talk with guests. I have a bad ear infection, am temporarily deaf on my right side so I was a bit off form yesterday.

Will you come to Dreamsai on the odd Saturday. Bring the greatest gift you can possibly give ? The gift of love.

Boxing Day on the radio with The Geriatric DJ will do a few things. I want to celebrate the love of Dreamsai and to find more people who will bring their love. I want to thank those who worked over Christmas - our emergency services and all who were on duty at
every level in our NHS.

Then on Friday 27th December I will be banning all Christmas music until the end of 2020 !

OK it's still November but before I ban Christmas music for the year let's have a bit of fun.

New Year's Day 2020............

My New Year radio show has a very special guest - PIGGIE ALFIE.

I am not sure that Alfie will be joining me in person but CURLY TAILS PIG RESCUE will be joining me for a totally non-Christmas show CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS.  Let's have a track from the playlist shall we.....

Ronald McDonals House - The Food Bank - Dreamsai - Curly Tails......

Every single operation has LOVE at its centre. Everything you give to any of these lovely organisations goes DIRECTLY to those you are seeking to support.  Each one IS doing it DOING IT WITH LOVE.

Please do not look at our website for the next few days. I am frantically trying to put in some major updates but before then I have to
write 25 YouTube videos. One for every day of Advent 2019.  This will be the third YouTube musical advent calendar we have run. Every day the advent video will celebrate the work of these loving organisation and every day the video will invite those watching it to  go out into the world and make others smile.  PLEASE invest your love and your smiles into these Sunshine Smile Crew Projects. Every smile, every gift will send love direct to someone who needs to smile and someone who needs your love.

Let your love flow.........

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Thank You

I said yesterday that I had a busy day ahead of me and I needed the strength of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW behind me if it was to be a success.

I had that support - THANK YOU. Thank You Sunshine Crew Member Stewart for today's lead picture.

Yes indeed, yesterday was a very busy day for me and that means today is going to be busy again as I follow up on all that happened. Some exciting things are happening for those of us who are members of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW.

Did you know the moon    smiles as well as the sun ?  Here is the moon shining over the radio station as I arrived at 5am this morning.

Did you catch my Armistice Day radio show yesterday - THEY GAVE THEIR YOUNG LIVES SO WE COULD LIVE OUR OLD LIVES.  If you didn't check out the PODCAST

Today's show, Tuesday Terrific Tunes, features the legendary
folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel. The PODCAST for this show will be played at Food For Sai on Saturday. Last Saturday Dreamsai - 12.30pm to 1.30pm at The Buzzy (Unity Park Bus Station) was very special. SUNSHINE SMILE CREW MEMEBERS Julie and Jelena joined those wonderful people who make up Dreamsai.

Julie established herself as Queen Of The Kettle frantically making cups of tea and coffee trying to keep up with the
guests thirst.

If you would like to join Food For Sai this coming Saturday the welcome mat is out and I know you will find it a lovely experience.

We need a few items of clothing for guests. Do you have any coats/jackets, jumpers, trainers which you do not want but could bring physical comfort to those who need them.

After yesterday's radio show broadcast and the podcast published it was time for me to go down  to Fenny Stratford and the firing of the Fenny Poppers. For the past two years I have fired a popper so wore ear defenders. This year I was able to watch on, watch on without ear defenders. OMG those mini cannon are loud !

SUNSHINE SMILE CREW member Andy is a great fan of
Fenny Poppers, after the firing he took me to look at the wreaths laid on Fenny War Memorial. He was very keen to show me the lovely display of poppies made by local children. Andy pointed out to me several names on the war memorial and spoke of their families still living in the area today.


Leaving Fenny Poppers I met up with SUNSHINE SMILE CREW member Mondiera then together we went to talk with the Imam of our local mosque. We were both nervous, Mondeira perhaps more than I. When the Imam started
quoting the Quran I wondered how much we were going to achieve. However, as he started to interpret the Quran I realised just how much were were in tune and thinking alike. I can assure you in 2020 some very special things will be happening.

It took me about 15 minutes to drive home. When I arrived home there were FOUR e-mails waiting for me from this lovely man, The Imam of our local mosque.

Compare that with Milton Keynes Council's Deputy Leader Hannah O'Neil who administers a £180,000 fund to deal with
knife crime in Milton Keynes, supposedly setting up preventative initiatives - SUPPOSEDLY. I wrote to her on 28th October - TWO weeks ago. She has FAILED to respond to my letter.

Four e-mails from the Imam in 15 minutes, an important letter ignored by a Milton Keynes Councillor for two weeks. You tell me which of these is caring for our community.

It is, of course, Milton Keynes Council that is claiming it
wants to be the greenest authority not just in the country but the world.

On the way to the studio this morning I dropped off a letter to The Mayor's Office. Milton Keynes Council Library and Milton Keynes Council Civic Offices were blazing lights as they had been so doing all night, as they do every night working hard to destroy
our planet.

A thought on this subject - it is YOUR council tax and MY council tax Milton Keynes Council is using to destroy our planet.

OK, on to something POSITIVE.  I have just taken Jake for
his morning walk.

While we were out a post lady smiled at us and wished Jake and I a good morning. We chatted a we walked along and she delivered letters to the various houses.  I have always said that postmen AND women are the happiest and cheerful people you can meet. No matter what the weather they are always out and
about working hard. Not like a certain council member who lacks the good manners to answer an important letter.  Not like Milton Keynes Council claiming it wants to be the greenest authority in the world yet every day uses your and my council tax to destroy the planet !

I have a mountain of admin work to do but before I do anything I am going to write to the head postmaster for Milton Keynes to celebrate that lovely lady.

So all you people in THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW members THANKS for your support yesterday. Now get out there today and follow that post lady's example MAKE PEOPLE SMILE.