Friday, 4 October 2019

Some beautiful people

I really need to get back to the routine of writing a blog page every day. A year ago I was saying it would be good to hit the 100k readership figure by Christmas.  That was 2018, can I do it for 2019 ?

Yesterday I met with Laxman, he is the guy on the right in the picture above, from Dreamsai. We were so much in tune with our thinking.

Have a look at the WALK OF LOVE page on our website. Why don't you come along next week.

I then had an e-mail from a local headmaster who had listened to some podcasts of my radio shows and wants to talk about his school helping us get TeenHeroMK off the ground. WOW !

People have been liking posts on THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW like crazy.

I have a lovely chat with Josh yesterday.  Sorry mate but I am going to embarrass you with this:

When the postman brought me a big envelope from The Blood & Transplant Service I thought it was to do with TeenHeroMK but actually it was my award for donating 25 pints of blood.

The easy thing to do would be to not tell anyone about this.  If I had not been such a miserable coward in my younger days that certificate would not say 25 pints but 175 pints !

People look at all that is happening and ask me if I am doing too much. NO I AM NOT !  I am coming up with the ideas and doing my best to inspire others to take them up. This IS happening, The Sunshine Smile Crew is being wrapped in love by some wonderful people.

Tomorrow I will be firing out this week's WoodstockMK e-
mails to local Councillors. Widening the scope, this week I am including Newport Pagnell and Stony Stratford.

Tomorrow's e-mail will carry the title LET'S MAKE MILTON KEYNES THE CITY OF LOVE.

We could do it you know ?

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