Monday, 14 October 2019

Let the music play

5.02am !  I've been here in the studio since stupid o'clock !  I am holiday next week so have just pre-recorded next Monday's edition of Start The Week. Went well but right now I am tired and my eye lids are rapidly dropping !  Never mind. 6am when I hit the air I will be buzzing !

I am buzzing as I check out the blog readership for yesterday. That is entirely due to the new friends I
made on Saturday when I popped along to Dreamsai. If you missed my report on Saturday CLICK HERE.

I am away next Saturday but Dreamsai I will be at your Walk of Love again
on Saturday 27th October.

EVERYONE reading this page can you help me to get the word out. Saturday 12.30pm to 1.30pm Dreamsai throws open the doors of Unity Park Bus Station and welcomes anyone in need who needs something to eat.  PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

As I write this blog and try to keep awake so I can go live at 6am I am listening to the PODCAST of last Friday's Pick of the Pops show. Within the Top 30 chart for 11th October 1979 there was this.

That gave me an idea. How would you like to be a Womble. I have added to my website PROJECT WOMBLE - check it out.

Tomorrow my show Tuesday Terrific Tunes contains two hours of music from World War I and World War II.

Yesterday a new friend Gary and I brainstormed for more than two hours. Within our brainstorm Gary spoke about research he is doing on the names on our town's war memorial.  He will be joining me on a show in the near future to ask for help with his research.

I want to thank Friend Stewart for the lovely inspirational cards he has sent for us to use within THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW. Are you a member ?

If you do join THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW you will be tasked with every day making at least one person SMILE.

5.27am - getting near to the time for me to start broadcasting. This is in today's playlist. This will make you smile.

Within every show I broadcast up to Christmas is a feature ROCKING WITH THE FOOD BANK.  In a short while I will be asking you to rock with this.

5.50am - I had better hit the world. I'll finish writing this page later.

OK - now 9.03am, I am back at home and have uploaded the PODCAST to today's show - CLICK IT OUT. I was in a very silly mood, I hope that comes over in the music.

So was the show silly ?

Well I did play this !

Well life is a lot more fun if you are silly !

I hope my show today is silly enough to make you smile, be happy and start the week in a fandabidozie way !

Wednesday's show - 6am to 8am - WAKE UP WITH THE CLASSICS is subtitled CLASSIC VOICES:

Then on Thursday it's DAVE'S DISCO. This is in the play list - LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE !

Then on Friday the time machine goes back to 1979

Life is a disco - SO DANCE.


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