Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Happy Birthday to me

The Silly Old Man - The Geriatric DJ - is getting ready to celebrate his birthday. 

The fateful day is Sunday 3rd November. Maureen asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I replied a toothbrush and please could I have some teeth to go with it ?

Why is it I look like the picture here below yet feel like the picture above.

I was born a scrawny little brat as you can see.
Don't think much of my haircut. Used to use Brylcream in those days. Who knows what  that  is ? Do they still sell it.

Scrawny little kid but look at the sexy teenager I grew into.

Here's a picture of four generations in my family: me, my Mum, my Nan and my Great Granddad.
I like being a granddad myself but wish I could do it while looking younger.

Perhaps something like this ?
So what do I want for my birthday ?

A body transplant would be nice.

The truth is there is nothing I want and beyond that there is absolutely nothing I need.

I have my health - no teeth but I do have my health, I have Maureen and I enjoy a full and active life.

Look at Lord Muck in the middle of this picture. I think I still have that suit and probably the white socks as well !

Actually there is something I do want for my
birthday. Will you help me celebrate ?

11pm on my birthday until 9am the next day I am broadcasting a radio disco - www.crmk.co.uk - will you join me for this disco party ?

I have TEN hours of great disco music to play. CLICK HERE and check out the playlist.

Would you sponsor a track for £1 ?All for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.  I am passionate about the plight of our homeless friends.

Can I have a magic wand for my birthday please, a magic wand I can wave and solve this
problem ?  Failing that will you help Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter care and love my friends this winter.


That really would give me the happiest possible birthday.

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