Thursday, 24 October 2019

Better take stock !

Last week I went on holiday. I deliberately left my laptop and phone behind at home, it was a wonderful time to relax. However, now I am frantically trying to catch up.

I know that LIFE IS A TYPO - THE MORE YOU MAKE THE BETTER YOU ARE LIVING IT but..................apologies to all the good causes to whom I sent a circular e-mail yesterday containing a totally ridiculous typo !

Time to take stock and get my act together.

As I broadcast this morning's radio show I changed myself from the persona of The Geriatric DJ to The Geriatric Teenager.  OMG wasn't I sexy teenager ?

So what's happening ?

Yesterday SUNSHINE CREW MEMBER Shery and I met with two directors of University Hospital Milton Keynes. We talked about TeenHeroMK, we talked about Melting Pot, we
talked about Loving Our NHS MK, we talked about DrugwatchMK, we talked about Shery's passion to support people with anxiety and mental health issues.  We even talked about Project Womble. We agreed that we could WOMBLE around the hospital. Today I have to work to make that happen.

Sunshine Smile Crew member Monderia will fix a meeting with our local Imam for next week. Time to bring in a third community to Melting Pot.

Hey - become a teenager yourself - CLICK and listen to today' podcast as your read.

Got a great fun packed week on the radio next week.

On Monday John, Project Manager at Milton Keynes Food Bank, is joining me and boy are we going to ROCK FOR THE FOOD BANK.

On Thursday we are launching SECRET SANTA.

Then on Friday we launch LOVING OUR NHS MK.

On Saturday I will be joining Dreamasi on its Walk of Love then on Tuesday 5th November Laxman will be joining me to talk about this wonderful organisation.

At the end of the week I celebrate my geriatric birthday, Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter also starts is season lovingly caring for our homeless and rough-sleeping friends. I plan to
celebrate both with a RADIO DISCO - come and join me. Life is a disco - so dance.


A couple of things coming soon.....
Well I guess I had better get on and make all of this happen.  I promise to do it with only a minimum of TYPO'S.

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