Thursday, 24 October 2019

200 and going strong

Today is my 200th show on Radio CRMK.  I guess that is a bit of a personal milestone but it is nothing in the history of the station, a project originally founded in 1978 !

When I reach my 2,000th show then perhaps we can have a real party. Put the date in your diary friends.

This was he very first song I played....

It will be the opening track today.

Who remembers the bit of fun we had twinning the toilet in the radio station with a village in Uganda where we funded two toilets for families which did not have even this basic form of sanitation.

There was a little girl in Tennessee who was terminally ill. She loved dogs, her family made an appeal on Facebook for people round the world to e-mail her pictures of heir dogs. We had a show with songs dedicated to listeners dogs, all played for this little girl.

We supported a 24 hour football game sponsored for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. I was on the touchline for the 24 hours then came in to the studio to broadcast an overnight radio disco and to report on the game.

What else ?  Oh yeh - the day I conned BBC Radio into playing a bit of punk rock !

And of course there were The Jingle Girls...

It has been a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy the music I play. Every broadcast I watch the computer to see where our listeners are.

Of course life is a disco so dance..................

YES - I did dance to this in the studio !

Not a very good dancer am I ? Not a good dancer - but a rubbish singer !

I play music to make people smile and be happy.

Let's blow some bubbles - bubbles of LOVE.

So Cat Stevens was he first track I played. This is the track I have played more than any other.

Please join me. 6am to 8am LET'S HAVE A PARTY.

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