Thursday, 5 September 2019

Some LOVELY people.....

Mark Lomardo posted these beautiful words on Facebook yesterday. I have nicked them and put it on our Sunshine Smile Crew background. Are you as SUNSHINE SMILER ?  Join and share this beautiful, inspiration thought with all your friends.

So are you going to have a beautiful day ?  I am planning to spend most of my day working on a new website to help SUNSHINE SMILERS widen the lips of more and more people round the world.

Here's Thursday's theme to put a smile on your face and help you have a fabulous day.

The inspiration for the SMILE is from my late daughter Rebekah. She was born with chronic renal failure and spent much of her childhood in and out of hospital. However, I defy anyone to find a photograph of her where she is not smiling.

Beck died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday 19th May 2017. Within days her friends set up OurRebekah to follow a wish she had put in her will to support Ronald McDonald House Charity care for families with a child sick in hospital.

We had some fun events and raised several thousand pounds to honour her smile.

However, it was difficult to build a strong enough team to turn all of the ideas we had into reality.

We celebrated the first anniversary of Beck leaving us with Sunshine Smile Day held in the car park of Asda, Bletchley.


While continuing Beck's wish to support Ronald McDonald House, we concentrated efforts on the Birmingham House, we widened things to include more and more good causes. At the same time I joined Radio CRMK.

Sunshine Smile Day 2019 was held on Sunday 19th May at
the beautiful Milton Keynes Irish Centre.

At Sunshine Smile Day 2018 I staged a sponsored haircut to raise awareness for breast cancer. The sponsored haircut was held again in 2019 this time for Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails.

I am growing my hair again ahead of Sunshine Smile Day
2020 - Tuesday 19th May. 

It was not really my original thinking to make Sunshine Smile Day a physical event more a day of inspiration where people did their own thing under Rebekah's Smile.  The two events we held were lovely BUT a third really is not on the cards. You can not do what we did in 2018 and 2019 on a Tuesday, mid week.

Post Sunshine Smile Day 2019 I have moved things to a place where we have an on-line community of people from anywhere and everywhere right round the world doing their best to make people smile and be happy.

We have our smile cards which SUNSHINE SMILERS are handing out.

We have our inspirational messages which the SMILERS share on-line.

There will be a SUNSHINE SMILE DAY 2020 but not a physical event. If my hair grows back I will have my third
sponsored haircut. The day will be one where the SUNSHINE SMILERS reach out to as many thousand people as they can to make them SMILE and be HAPPY.

Wrapped into the smile is, of course, the music I play on the radio and the books I write as Max Robinson. There are the good cause: Loving Our NHS which includes Beck's wish to support families with a child sick in hospital, Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, The Food Bank and Piggie Alfie. On a wider scale sending love and happiness to as many people as we can to make them SMILE.

So will you become a SUNSHINE SMILER and help us spread Rebekah's cheeky and infectious smile to hundreds - thousands - tens of thousands - millions of people.

Right back to writing that website !

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