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People matter

People matter - people count !  How many people can I count on to help me show that people matter ?

The only subject I failed at school was Art. The technology I use to write a web page comes from 2005. (BC I think) In web matters I am entirely self-taught. Combine these three factors and you have the new development of my website:

If you want to have a laugh take a look and see how many typo's you can find. But then isn't life a typo - if you do not make a few you are not living it properly. Add to that the fact that I like to include a few typos for those who take delight in finding them !
Did you watch that video or did you just skip it ?  Happy, smiling people read on. Sad, miserable old sods just go away now please !
Are you going to be one of the HAPPY SMILING people who will show that PEOPLE MATTER and come to Milton Keynes Irish Centre next Saturday morning or do you not care about people so will do the other thing ?

CLICK HERE and visit  this page on the website. See how many typo's you can find or forget about that and determine to be someone I can count on to show love.

6am to 8am tomorrow on Radio CRMK I will be broadcasting my 168th show starting the week on this fabulous radio station. Two things from that:

I will be playing the PODCAST at our stall on Saturday and I will be handing out some cryptic music quiz sheets. CLICK HERE and see how many questions YOU can answer without the help of Mr Google.
Change the subject. How many pints of blood do you think our amazing, wonderful, incredible, loving hospital -
University Hospital Milton Keynes uses in a year ?

I am still struggling to get over failing to win a seat on the hospital's bard of governors, failing by just 10 votes. Failing in an election where only 17% of those who were eligible to vote did so. By failing to vote I believe those concerned failed to show that people, the patients - doctors - nurses and all staff matter.

Had I been elected I had a plan to do certain things to support our amazing hospital, things outside the normal role of a hospital governor. Within my area of representation I had said I wanted to double the number of blood donors.  I have done my bit for a long time to raise awareness of the importance of blood donors. CLICK HERE and see how many typo's you can find in my current blood donor presentation.

There are not many hospital/doctor songs I can play but I love this funny little thing. Enjoy...............
A friend from a younger generation than I am said that was racist. Twaddle ! But blood and organ donation IS racist.  I have been involved with organ donation in our country for
more than thirty years. Another link for you to CLICK. It took me three days to write that page. If you are a happy, smiling person you will, on reading it, understand and excuse the typo's I have yet to edit out. If you are a boring miserable old sod I doubt you have even got this far in reading today's blog.

A door has just crept open, open ajar with only a fraction of an inch but IF I can inspire certain people, one who has already caught the vision, we can fling it wide open and increase both blood and organ donation right across the
catchment area of University Hospital Milton Keynes by between 10% and 15%.  If it happens it will happen because I can count on certain people to show that people matter. IF we can achieve this it will be done without my having my bottom on a chair round the board table at University Hospital Milton Keynes !

Not quite there yet, dangerously close to having one
thousand people listening to my radio podcasts. One week on Thursday I am starting a new radio show - Dave's Disco. The picture I am using for the show features a group of teenagers from Leon School. No, I did not start Leon Disco - that was down to Headmaster Mr Bradshaw, he simply dumped the running of the disco onto my shoulders.

Leon Disco has become something of a legend in Milton Keynes, would you not agree ? We used to have  24 hour sponsored disco's, the first was for a new organisation just setting up - Willen Hospice.
It has been a long time since I was head of year at Leon School.
There I am, Lord Muck, in the middle of the photograph.  It's been many, many years since I left Leon but tomorrow I am going back !  I am going to be part of an independent organisation supporting students.

When Tony Blair was asked what his three priorities for government he replied: Education - Education - Education. HE LIED ! What he meant was DESTROY EDUCATION - DESTROY EDUCATION - DESTROY EDUCATION ! When Flip Flop Dave became prime minister he build on Blair's foundation, as has every prime minster and government since. We do not have an education system in this country any more, we have a target driven school system where little ticks are put into giant boxes to meet targets. Those ticks are PEOPLE !
I admit to being nervous about going to Leon School tomorrow but I am looking forward to working with this independent organisation and helping teenagers.

Back to Tony Blair for a moment and for my love of our National Health Service. I was asked to help a family who had a child with Leukemia in Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool. This family was not British and was not entitled to free medical treatment. Alder Hey did not turn the child away but there were medical bills that had to be paid. I wrote to Tony Blair and got a letter back from 10 Downing Street saying there was nothing the government could do. If you write to 10 Downing Street today I can guarantee you will not get an

I know for certain, even though The Daily Mail denied it, that Alistair Campbell gave my letter to the editor. The paper contacted me, we worked on an article which was published, readers put up the money. Matter Solved.

Financially solved but the little boy died. Today a bone marrow transplant would have saved his life. I have never forgotten the kindness of Alistair Campbell, someone I was able to count on to show that people matter.

Returning to the school bit. Very soon schools will be putting ticks in boxes to show what percentage of their students are starting university. Never mind if their best life course is to go to university or not, you can't put a tick in a box for going to The University of Life. In my day it was Freshers DAY - in 2019 it is Freshers WEEK. Here's something from my FRESHERS DAY.
It is a beautiful world but there are those who are doing all they can to destroy it.  I am approaching my 69th birthday. Will a child born today in the maternity wing of University Hospital Milton Keynes today live to see their 69th birthday ?  Medically they can reasonable expect to live to be one hundred but will there still be a world left for them to live in in the year 2029. If there is I bet we will still be negotiating Brexit !
I used to get into the studio of RADIO CRMK at stupid o'clock, around 2.30am, and work before broadcasting my show. Now I have a little bit of a lay in, my alarm goes off at 4.30am.

Driving to the studio I have to pass Central Milton Keynes where the council, the shopping centre and just about everyone there is doing all they can to destroy our world. Something more for you to CLICK and count the typo's.
I wonder how many people are still reading - The Happy Smiling People will be. The Sad Miserable Old Sods will have departed long ago, that is unless they are taking delight in counting the number of typo's they have found. So let me come to the point of this blog page.

Will you work with me ?  Could I count on you to show that PEOPLE matter ?


The new format for THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW is small - only been operating for five days and has just 10 members.

Yes we are doing a few things in the practical world like Saturday's event at Milton Keynes Irish Centre supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, we will be at Bletchley Christmas Lights Switch on - Saturday 23rd November, supporting The Food Bank and we have SECRET SANTA - something more for you to CLICK.

We want hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, a million happy smiling people - to post inspirational messages on Facebook.

We want people we can count on to show that PEOPLE MATTER.

We want Smiling People to help others smile and to be happy.

Yet another CLICK taking you to the Sunshine Smile Crew on the website.

It does not matter who you are, how old you are, or ehere you are in the world, all you have to do is to post something as a member of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW to make others smile and be happy.

I need people I can count on to show other people that they matter.

Back to our hospital, there are hospitals all over the world that need our support. They need love and support, they need blood and organ donations.

Are you familiar with this poem by Spike Milligan ? I read it at the end of every radio show I broadcast.
Will you help to get the world infected ?  Infected with something no doctor anywhere in any hospital in the world would want to prevent ?

Join THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW TODAY and add in your smiling typo.

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