Monday, 9 September 2019

I need to borrow a G string

I need to borrow a G string can anyone help ?

Sorry that was a TYPO - I mean a G CLAMP !

Actually I could do
with borrowing three even four.

I need them to fix some poles to display a banner at Saturday's Winter Night Shelter event.  PLEASE can anyone lend me some.  If not then I guess i will have to resort to using my G String !

Well there's only one piece of music I can play now ! Air on a G STRING by Bach !  Here you go.....
G strings apart I had an amazing day yesterday, amazing. I doubt I will sleep tonight ! (Writing at 4am on Tuesday - I DID NOT !)

I love bring a Radio DJ - I am listening to yesterday's PODCAST as I write this blog page. I had mega fun broadcasting and am having great fun now listening !  ARE YOU LISTENING - CLICK HERE.

My entire show was dedicated to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. THANK YOU Rachel for the lovely text you sent to me - glad you were enjoying the show.  THANK YOU Milton Keynes Council Member Jenni for your sport and for your e-mail.

What shall I play now ?
Listen to the words - it talks about underwear but does not mention G Strings !

Geriatric DJ BEHAVE YOURSELF.  Well life is a bit more fun
if you are silly !

Leaving the radio studio with the music still banging in my ears I went to Leon School. I was going there as a part of an organisation I have just joined: Worktree. I was not sure exactly what I was going to have to do but thought part of my role would be to inspire the teenagers taking part.


One lad came in wearing a fantastic hippie shirt. I said I liked it then he started talking about Woodstock. That was like 50 years ago !
A question I was constantly asked was what kind of music do I play on the radio. Music your grandparents listened to, I replied. Let's have something their grandparents listened to, something from my teenage heartthrob !
A lad pulled out his phone, rattled the keys and found me. Gottcha, he said, now I can listen to your music ! I do hope you are enjoying my music.

Having checked it was OK to do so I handed out some of our SMILE cards. I could see just how visibly moved these lovely young people were.

The last student I spoke with had dreadlocks Bob Marley would have killed for. This lad just oozzed confidence and was so articulate. I tell you, if we could get him into The Sunshine Smile Crew we could take over the world.

There's Lord Muck in the middle. No, I do not want to return to teaching. No, Leon School you are quite safe from The Geriatric DJ but thank you so much for an inspirational day.
Hey look !  My PODCASTS have passed one thousand listeners !

You haven't forgotten I need to borrow a G String or three have you ? I mean Clamp - yeh a G String Clamp.

Can you help me ?

Can you believe I was there at Leon - a former teacher, and Paul was there as a former student ! Stand by my LEONITES I will be twisting arms up your back for you to become volunteers within WorkTree, the organisation I was with at Leon.

One lad Googled me and pulled this picture up on his phone.

Hey, he said, that's you. Who are those other guys with you ?
The project involved the teenagers firing questions at we volunteers to find out about who we were and what we were
are about. When asked what I do I explained about Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and Milton Keynes Food Bank.
It was clear they did not understand what these organisations were. I spoke about homeless rough-sleeping and they knew what that was but they did not understand. Do their parents or grandparents understand ?

In yesterday's radio show I said there was a need to help Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter do far more than it is. The
same can be said for The Food Bank. I also said that we should all be working towards making Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter redundant by taking away the problem, the need for the work they do. That's pie in the sky !  It will never happen while my generation is in charge of society but it could help with teenagers the like of which I met yesterday in charge.

One thing for certain !  If I had met these lovely people a few weeks back I would not be begging now for help at SATURDAY'S WINTER NIGHT SHELTER and I would not be scratching around for G Strings to fasten a banner at the event ! CLICK HERE AND BECOME A TEENAGER ON SATURDAY !
Each group I spent time with asked me where my enthusiasm came from. I spoke only briefly about Rebekah, I
did not want to generate sadness but positivity. I did touch briefly on organ donation - CLICK HERE but more on blood donation - CLICK HERE.

These amazing people were 16 going on 17. At the age of 17 they can become blood donors. I am certain that everyone I spoke with yesterday would become a blood donor when they reach their 17th birthday but there is no system in place to recruit teenagers !

Sixteen going on seventeen ?
I knew her as Mondira - Leonites you knew her as Mrs Ray
- Mondira Sinha-Ray, an Indian Lady with a heart bigger than the entire Indian Sub-continent. A chance meeting between us brought me into WorkTree where Mondira is a trustee. She and I think the same - we are DOERS !  (Is that a word or is it a G String typo?)

I mentioned something that was nagging in my mind and Mondira grabbed it to race off like the proverbial runaway train.
Week after next I will be going to my blood donor session. I am your average run of the mill white guy. I have never
before looked around my fellow blood donors to see if they too are average run of the mill whites. As I understand it blood is blood and given the right group can be used from any donor, run of the mill or not to any recipient. What  I do know is that does not apply for organ transplants.

If you are a run of the mill, average white Mr Nobody and you
need a kidney transplant you'll get one. Not enough but the organs are there, just wait.

If you are not white and average, if you are asian or black and you need a kidney transplant don't hold out your hopes ! I believe you have a 2% chance of survival via a transplant. It's not the skin colour but the DNA which is different.

There's a song from the very early 1970's I love.

Yes I am going to continue as I have for decades promoting organ donation but Mondira and I are hoping to work with Asian communities, to find out what their feelings are then to promote very strongly blood and organ donation.

You haven't forgotten my need for G Strings have you.

Next Thursday I launch a new radio programme - DAVE'S DISCO. The fact that I was a Radio DJ appealed to those teenagers yesterday. When I spoke about Leon Disco gobs were smacked BIG TIME.  Just once in conversation I spoke about my life ethic - LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE.
As I have said, I handed out our SMILE cards. These are deliberately anonymous - no contact details to detract from
the message. I did hand out one of our recruiting cards, I gave it to the lad with those amazing dreadlocks.

What I would not do to have him as a part of The Sunshine Smile Crew.

Sorry but I just have to play another Bob Marley track !  I don't play anywhere enough Bob Marley on the radio.
Thank you today's LEONITES you were my inspiration - reach out and inspire your predecessors - MY LEONITES.
My Leonites stop messing about and lend me a G String or three for Saturday.

I hope you have enjoyed the tracks I have played on today's page, I am going to end with the greatest piece of music ever written. LEONITES past and present, friends, happy smiling people everywhere - PLEASE JOIN THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW and live your lives like Bridges over Troubles Water - see you on Saturday.

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