Saturday, 21 September 2019

I am here calling for a revolution....

I am here formally calling for a revolution in our country. Will you join me ?

We don't have a government in Britain any more so it should not be too difficult to achieve. No we do not have a government, we do not have political parties we have just a collection of malformed wobbling jellies.

Let's replace all the rubbish thrown at us every day, let's replace it with happiness, let's replace it with love, let's replace sadness with love.  Will you join me ?
Let's replace it with things like this.

Withing a couple of hours of launching WoodstockMK a member of the council sent me this to add to the BREAKING NEWS PAGE.
Isn't that lovely.  Come on you council members across Milton Keynes, join the revolution and flood The Sunshine Smile Crew with more like that.
This letter arrived yesterday in response to Smile Cards and gifts lovingly made by Maggie we put in the relatives room at the Intensive Care Unit in our hospital.
If you are reading his blog page please join THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW - every member is tasked with making one person smile every day.

Tomorrow I will be back on the radio at 6am with the first of five daily breakfast shows  - 10 hours of broadcasting, probably something like 150 tracks to play. At the end of every show I read our Smile Poem which invites listeners to get out there and infect the world with smiles. On Friday my show had listeners in USA UK GERMANY FRANCE
SAUDI ARABIA - Come on infecting the world with smiles aint going to be that hard is it ?  If we get our act together there isn't an intensive care unit in any hospital anywhere in the world that could stop the epidemic.

Posting on social media happy, smiling and encouraging things can I invite you to share this today.


Did you see the post on THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW'S PAGE, the post from Becky ?

I met Becky while I was working in YMCA MK on Friday - by the time I got home she had joined The Sunshine Smile Crew and made her first post. PLEASE SUPPORT HER.

Can I ask you, within Milton Keynes Council,  who do you
think, is the group of people who work the hardest. I have always admired the Bin Men. They don't walk about their job they RUN - they are always happy, courteous and smiling.  I tell you if every employee of Milton Keynes Council worked with the same attitude as do our Bin Men we would have the greatest local authority anywhere in the world. Sadly our council staff in general do not match our Bin Men.

Let me play something for the Bin Men then I am going to ask the same question again but in a slightly different way.
Slightly changing the question: Who do you think has the hardest job to do within Milton Keynes Council ?

Yesterday I toured our local crematorium with the architect who designed it and the manager who every day has to oversee the funerals using it.

So Mr Architect what do you believe is your greatest piece of work ?  Milton Keynes
Crematorium ! Weird ?

So what do you do for a living ?  I run Milton Keynes Crematorium. Weird ?

NO NOT WEIRD !  The building was deigned in love and it is run in love.  It is built on ley-lines, did you know that ?  It is built on ley-lines of love.

In my family we run our own funerals, we make them smiling,
fun and happy times as we celebrate the life of the loved one who has left us.  LOVE has always flowed to us naturally from the staff at the crematorium and has always made the event a beautiful occasion.

During yesterday's tour I was told about the different music families request and how LOVE can accommodate what ever is wanted. When it comes to my time can I please have a disco ?

I launched the first edition of Dave's Disco on the radio last Thursday and I am eagerly looking forward to this week's show - 6am to 8am THURSDAY - 

I'll play something from that show for you in a moment but before then can I talk about my birthday.  OMG my birthday - 3rd November 2019 when I will be SIXTY-NINE YEARS OLD. Actually that day is a triple date for me. NO I am not three times sixty-nine = 207 years old.

Something from Thursday's playlist:
I am also going to play this:
Life is a disco so dance !

3rd November marks my birthday - it also marks my 200th show on Radio CRMK.  AND it is also the start of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter's 2019/2020 season. Believe me the lovely people who run this organisation caring for our homeless rough-sleeping friends are in for a tough season. I
am planning a ten hour disco where people can support the work by sponsoring the tracks I will be play. Just one condition - every penny of sponsorship must be given in LOVE and from a HAPPY SMILING PERSON - someone who has caught the smiling epidemic our revolution is seeking to infect the world with.

This in the playlist for that disco.

Tomorrow - 6am to 8am I will be broadcasting START THE WEEK. As well as playing some fanatic music - I only play fantastic music - I will be talking about all the happy smiling things I have shared here on today's page: Councillor Zoe Nolan's WoodstockMK post on BREAKING NEWS - Maggie's gift and the lovely letter from The ICU in our amazing hospital - Becky's post and the ley-line of love at our beautiful crematorium.

On Tuesday's show the music will be played by former Mayor of Milton Keynes - David Hopkins - he has called his playlist THE THEME IS LOVE - here's something David will be playing:

I am going to end now with something we have in THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW - beautiful music to start and end your day.
So join the revolution - get out there - SMILE AT THE WORLD AND THE WORLD WILL SMILE BACK. When you have done that relax at the end of a beautiful, happy and smile filled day to this:

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