Sunday, 22 September 2019

Forget Harry Potter meet Michael Upton

Maureen and I are frequent visitors to Stowe National Trust Gardens near Buckingham. This is the Gothic Temple in the grounds.

Forget Harry Potter allow me to introduce you to Michael Upton The Lonely Ghost.

I have had an idea for a story for years about a young boy whose family was employed by The Duke of Buckingham at Stowe. Michael dies and wanders round the vast grounds of Stowe where can no longer speak with his friends. He is The Lonely Ghost.

My 69th birthday is still more than a month away but Maureen has said many times that she would like to hire the Gothic Temple for a holiday to celebrate my 70th Birthday.

Perhaps I should let her book The Gothic Temple and for me to celebrate my birthday there writing the story of The Lonely Ghost.

I took this picture at Stowe, I thought the tree resembled a face. Gary suggested I could work the
tree into the story. Great idea Gary.

How about Michael makes friends with the swans on the lake at Stowe.

My friend and next door neighbour, Graham, asked how I am getting on with my latest book Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ.  The book is finished inside my head, I just have to write it! 

To give myself a kick up the backside and get more words flowing from Max Robinson aka The Geriatric DJ I have started a new feature on the website BOOK OF THE WEEK.  Could I invite you to have a look ?

All of mys stories, of course, have music in them. I have started BOOK OF THE WEEK with what I feel is my best work The Bridge House.

This week my show Tuesday Terrific Tunes is being presented by a guest. Then on Tuesday 1st October I will be playing some Hippie Music. Tuesday 8th October I am
playing Tunes From My Books - yes there is so much music in the writing of Max Robinson I can easily fill two hours on the radio.

OK - I'd better get on and broadcast today's show I guess - START THE WEEK 6am to 8am - join me.

I am going to play around with this today - see if I can use it as a pre-introduction to all of my shows:

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