Monday, 23 September 2019


Does the average citizen of Milton Keynes, of anywhere in the country, have any idea at all as the the extent of criminal drug dealers operating in the area where they live ?

Politicians get excited but only play lip service to knife crime. Knife crime and drug dealing go together hand in hand.  The addict is a victim of the criminal gangs just as much is a victim of stabbing. The last person you blame in this situation is the addict. He/she needs help.

This is a bridge over a major road in Milton Keynes.

Every day people, good people, walk over it oblivious to the fact that this is a notorious location for criminal drug dealers to ply their trade.
This sign is adjacent to the bridge. Are there really cctv cameras ?  If so who is monitoring them ?  Why are the criminals not in the least bit scared about the cameras ?
This is the area of shrubbery to the right of the bridge.  Looks innocent enough. Or is it ?
Walk inside the shrubbery there is a clearing littered with rubbish. Rubbish, the odd beer can but nothing all that sinister.

Press on and you will find this !
A horrific collection of needles, syringes, cooking plates and the grey plastic bags the addict can pick up free of charge from a pharmacy. You could go into a pharmacy and ask for these items, they will be given to you free of charge and with no questions asked.  No health checks - no offer of support - off you go, this will help you when you meet the criminal gangs !
What kind of drug addict is going to crawl into the bushes after getting drugs from his/her criminal dealer ?  Surely he/she would go home to cook and inject. This is a site used by homeless rough-sleepers who the dealers have made great process over the past year in targeting the most vulnerable people in
society. YOU DO NOT BLAME THE ADDICT - he/she is a victim !

I am not sure if there are cctv cameras or not, I do not understand why they are there if they are indeed there - this site is within 400 yards of a police station and magistrates court !

May I suggest the law-abiding residents of our town, every town and city in the country, need to stand up and say ENOUGH ! You have a right to know what is happening. You have a right to demand the law does something about it and stop pretending the situation does not exist. The addicts have a right to protection, to help - THEY ARE VICTIMS.

Come on society WAKE UP !

I took these photographs at 9am on Monday 23rd September. I will go back in a week and see if anything has changed.

Come on society WAKE UP - protect the vulnerable and demand the criminals are locked up !

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