Saturday, 24 August 2019

Tomorrow is my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday - I will be ONE year old. Here I am with my Nan.

ONE year old - I WISH ! Honestly that is me !

But tomorrow IS my birthday and I will be celebrating my first year.

At 6am tomorrow when I push the fader up on the broadcast desk at RADIO CRMK on my 163rd show it will mark one year as The Geriatric DJ. This will be the opening track.

6am to 8am do join me to Start The Week.

Two hours of lovely music and some special features.

MONDAY MORNING MEDICAL MOMENT will be saying thank you to the reception ladies in A & E, the ladies I spoke with last week. I also want to say THANK YOU to a kind person who sent me an e-mail yesterday saying they had voted for me in the current Hospital Governors election.

I will be applauding something very special that happened yesterday. Sara Millington, with whom I work supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, jumped out of an aircraft yesterday ! (Presumably she had a parachute.)

Sara and two friends jumped out of an aircraft to raise £6,200 to help fund the coming season of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.  YOU THREE ARE AMAZING and I will celebrate your courage big time tomorrow on the show. 

This is in tomorrow's playlist.

Queens Park Rangers 2  Sheffield Wednesday 1

Well done Steven Fletcher for the Wednesday goal. I have a little project where I sponsor the goals the boys score for good causes close to my heart. Yesterday's goal sponsorship goes to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

I see that losing yesterday took us off the top of the table but I will be at Hillsborough next Saturday to cheer England's number one football team to victory. Next week's sponsorship will be going to Milton Keynes Food Bank.

I have a bit of a problem with tomorrow's show. I have a feature which I tend to drop most weeks - MONDAY MORNING MEGA MOAN. As of 4.15am on
Sunday I can not think of anything to moan about so it looks like I will be dropping this feature again tomorrow.

My proper birthday isn't until November. Planning ahead, my wife Maureen asked me what I would like for my birthday. I did not hesitate in my response saying A HAIR BRUSH !

Each May I have a sponsored haircut. May 2020 will be for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. After last May's skinhead it is growing back but The Geriatric DJ is not quite The Geriatric Hippie again - not yet.

Here's something from last year's event.

And ahead of the 2018 event here I am on Hippie Mount in San Francisco.

I am not planning to go to San Francisco again this year, when I was last there I was the ONLY hippie in Hippie Park.

San Francisco - USA West Coast, let's go to Woodstock on the other side of the country.

Did you read my blog page - BRING BACK THE HIPPIES ? Click the title and check it out.

The one subject I failed at school was ART and in terms of website development I am entirely self-taught using technology from 2005 but I am rebuilding my website THE GERIATRIC DJ.  Yesterday I
worked on a page of love inviting people to make others smile. CLICK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT.

LOVE - that's why that amazing trio jumped out of the aircraft yesterday, that's what The Sunshine Smile Crew is all about, that's why Steven Fletcher's goal was so important and it's why I want a hairbrush for my birthday - DO SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE.

That's in tomorrow's playlist.

Here's a picture of me taken in Monte Carlo more than forty years ago. Wish I looked like that now !  Do you know I still have that shirt. I think I will wear it in the studio tomorrow morning !

So join me to celebrate my birthday, one year broadcasting on RADIO CRMK, join me for Monday Morning Medical Moment, join me as we celebrate Steven Fletcher's goal, join me as we applaud that brave trio and their efforts for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Please share this blog and help me achieve a big audience to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

The PODCAST will be available round about 9am so you can listen again. And again and again and again !

One more track from tomorrow's play list then I'll sign off.

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