Friday, 23 August 2019

Life Is A Disco - SO DANCE !

On Thursday 19th September - 6am to 8am - I will be launching a new show on RADIO CRMK - Dave's Disco.

The cover image for the show comes from one of the legendary 24 hour Leon Disco's.

So who do you recognise from this picture ?

Last week I was in the waiting area of A & E at University
Hospital Milton Keynes. Music from an internet radio station was playing - disco music from the 1970's and 80's. There was a teenage girl sitting there, her arms were waving in time to the music and her feet were tapping like crazy.  She wasn't the patient, she was with a guy who I presumed was her brother. Obviously in pain, he was smiling in time to the music.

Neither would have been born when any of the songs I am playing here were released and yet they loved them.

Life is a disco - so dance !

That has been my life motto for many years but I had not coined it in the days of Leon Disco. However, I suggest it was the foundation stone on which the school was run.

I did not start Leon Disco - no !  It was formed by Headmaster Mr Bradshaw, he just dumped the running of everything onto my shoulders.

We had some fun didn't we ?

Life is a disco - SO DANCE !

Here's Yours Truly and Robert Wright about to fly a Boeing 747 from Heathrow to San Francisco.

Fortunately the flight crew arrived and took their seats for the eleven hour journey to the city by the bay.

Another aircraft....

Here we are about to fly down The Grand Canyon and below a third aircraft, one we chartered in Denmark to fly over Legoland.

Life is a disco so DANCE !

Here's a picture from one of our SILLY FUN SWIMS. Who remembers me throwing Nicky Bianco into the pool ?

The jungle drums sent the news round the school in seconds. When it met Headmaster Bruce Abbott's office his reaction was: DAMN !  I wish it had been me who did it.

How many of you can remember when we used to play this at the disco ?

Can you still do the actions ?     Can you remember the words ?   A LITTLE BIT OF THIS AND A LITTLE BIT OF

Life is a disco so dance.

Here we are in Egypt !

We did have some adventures at Leon School didn't we ?

Sadly, I doubt there is a school anywhere in the country today that could disco dance the way we did in the late 1970's, 80's and early 90's.

Here's Stuart Bone panning for gold in the Sacrament River at the site of the 1849 Gold Rush.

Did you find anything Stuart ?

Life is a disco SO DANCE !

I played this on the radio last week.

When Cher had a hit on both sides of the Atlantic with this she became the oldest artist to have a number one hit. It does not matter how old you are LIFE IS STILL A DISCO SO DANCE.

Deputy Head - Enid Butler here burying pupils in sand on the beach in Denmark.

So when my new radio show launches will you be listening ?  Will you take the music away with you and disco dance throughout your day ?

Do you remember when Scott, can't remember his surname, came to a disco dressed up as Boy George ?

Do you remember Peter Barby and Steve Burton miming to this ?

Is this Alton Towers or was it taken at Disneyland Paris ?  Yep it's me with my son Matthew. Disney Fliers. Four coaches left school on Friday and drove overnight to Paris - a day in Disneyland then back overnight - a quick rest and back to school on Monday morning ! Nobody ever bunked off on Monday morning did they ?

I remember we used to play this a lot at Leon Disco.

It is a fact that LEON DISCO has gone down in the history of Milton Keynes.

So tune in on Thursday each week 6am to 8am RADIO CRMK and make Dave's Disco a legend it its own time.

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